How To Clean Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone hearing aids are functional. They are certainly sophisticated in design. Because of that, you need to use them with utmost care in order to keep them working well for a longer time.

You have to understand that you wear your hearing aid almost all the time. You put the electronic devise in your ears and it sits there to stand the heat, the humidity, the oil, and the wax. You also expose it to a lot of stuff – perspiration, dust, and other elements. So, cleaning it every day becomes a necessity. Otherwise, your hearing aid is going to be dirty and its overall performance may get affected. Here are some instructions on how you can clean your Beltone hearing aid: 

  • Get a paper towel or a piece of dry cloth. Use it to wipe your Beltone hearing aid. Focus on the entire surface. Do it thoroughly.
  • Check out your hearing aid. Look for the specific part that goes straight into your ear. Use a soft bristled brush to remove the wax around the part. Brush carefully. See to it that the bristles of your brush don’t get into the opening.
  • Look for the microphone inlets. Spot if there are any debris and dirt to be removed. If you see some, gently brush just across the openings.
  • Go to the battery door. Open it. After that, look over the battery. Does it appear to be brownish and/or greenish?  If that is the case, take the battery out. Replace it with a new piece.
  • When you are not using your hearing aid, keep its battery compartment open. This can be very beneficial. For one, it can let any moisture dry out. Also, it can preserve the life of your battery.
  • Determine if your hearing aid contains a thin tube. Look into it. Normally, it has moisture and/or wax. So, proceed to remove it from your hearing aids. Position your canned air nozzle directly into the tube. After that, blow into it. That should remove the moisture and/or wax out. When the tube has been clean, install it back promptly.
  • Inspect if your hearing aid features a custom ear mold. If it has one, check the ear mold tubing. You should detach it from the ear hook of your hearing aid. Then, prepare to wash it. You can clean it using mild soap and warm water. Again, you can rely on your canned air nozzle in blowing out any water from the custom ear mold. After that, you can wipe it dry.
  • Examine if your hearing aid got a receiver wire. If you see one, inspect its dome. You should wipe it clean. Find out if you need to put on a new wax filter. It is located right under the dome.

When you are not wearing your hearing aid at night, store it in your drying kit. It can help in drying out any moisture inside the device. If you hear any whistle, squeal, or if the sound is becoming weak, refer it immediately to a hearing-care professional.


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