How To Clear Sinus Congestion

If you ever had colds, then you know how annoying a congested sinus is. It makes breathing harder and your head feels heavy and stuffed with mucous. In extreme cases, the increase pressure in the area of your forehead and eyes make your headache. Fortunately, there are several natural and non natural ways that you can do to treat sinus congestion regardless of whether it was caused by colds, allergies, or sinusitis. Here are they;

  • Take decongestants. These are over the counter drugs that shrink the mucous membranes and provide almost instant relief from sinus decongestion. It can be taken orally or internally. Because of the anti-histamine content, oral decongestants make a person sleepy. Another disadvantage of using decongestants is that once the medication wears off, relief from the symptom wanes too. Thus, continuous intake of the decongestant is needed to manage the symptom.
  • Inhale steam. This is a natural way of clearing the sinus and is often prescribed to children who have colds. Take a large bowl or basin of boiled water and situate the face a few inches from the steam. Using a bath towel, cover the head and the bowl. The patient will inhale the steam, which will loosen the mucous and make it easier to breathe. For added relief, put a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil on the bowl of water.
  • Clear your sinus. This is another natural way of clearing the sinus. Get an eyedropper and fill it with a mixture of warm water and salt. Tilt your head above the sink. Take a deep breath and hold is as you release the water and salt solution to your nostril. You know that you are doing this right if the water comes out of the other nostril. Perform this for five times or until the nostril is free from the congestion. Do the same thing with the other nostril.
  • Modify your diet. There are certain food items that aggravate sinus congestion so, avoid them when you have colds or allergic rhinitis. First and foremost, avoid dairy products like milk, yoghurt and cheese. Dairy products are known mucous thickeners. Also avoid heavy meat and food with lots of processed sugar.
  • Drink up. When you have colds, there is no escaping the congested sinus stage. So at the very start, drink lots of water and juices. This will help keep the mucous thin and make it easier for you to blow it off. Keep a bottle of water on hand at all times and drink whenever you can to liquefy the mucous.
  • Have hot chicken soup. Ever wonder why parents make you eat chicken soup when you have colds or flu? It’s because the garlic and peppery taste of the soup helps loosen the congestion. Not to mention that the steam rising from the soup also help alleviate the congestion.

When you have a congested sinus, try the natural ways of alleviating the condition first before you head to the nearest pharmacy from some decongestants. You will find that there are a lot of benefits to using natural methods of healing than popping some pills.


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