How To Clear Your Sinuses

Having clogged sinuses may not be the worst that you will experience. But it is the worst you are experiencing now. It might even make everything blue—you can’t work normally, can’t feel comfortable, and can’t go on with your usual activities. You don’t really have to suffer so much because of clogged sinuses. Do not wait for them to be cleared, do something to clear them, now.

The following ways are proven to be effective on clearing sinuses. Maybe some of these will be your best remedy for that sinus pain:

  • Keep away from the irritant. Most people get clogged sinuses because of irritation. Better stay away from the possible causes of your irritation like animal hair, perfume, or smoke. If you feel relief from doing this, then you are surely suffering from irritation.
  • Drink tea. Preferably, drink herbal tea that has strong taste like mint, lemon, Echinacea, and ginger. Add some honey if you can’t take the taste. The spicy taste and gentle smoke from the tea help unclog the sinuses.
  • Steam. This works similar to how the smoke from the herbal tea works. There are other ways to use steam for clearing your sinuses. One is by taking a warm shower—it should be smoky. Breathe in the gentle smoke and breathe it out.
  • As an alternative, pour about three-inch deep hot water in a basin. Cover yourself and the basin under a blanket or piece of cloth. This will help save the essential smoke from escaping. Breathe in the gentle smoke and breathe it out until you feel relieved.
  • For more effective relief, add some essential oils to the warm bath or the steam in a basin. Choose among pine, oregano, juniper, basil, tea tree, geranium, peppermint, thyme, and rosemary. Even the fresh or dried plant alternatives of these oils can be used.
  • Eat or smell spicy foods. Curry, cayenne pepper, and hot sauce are some of the best spicy foods that help in unclogging the sinuses. You can also smell the spicy foods or the spices if you can’t eat them. Smelling them is helpful, too, only that eating them is more helpful.
  • Put a hot facecloth over your nose. The facecloth can be microwaved until it is warm enough. The cloth can also be damped in warm water. Place the warm facecloth on your nose and start breathing in the warmth. This works like a steam, only that you’ll use it in a different way.
  • Drink more water. Double your usual water consumption to keep your body hydrated because better hydration helps in keeping the sinuses clear.
  • Take decongestants. Tablets that are containing phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine can clear the sinuses. But use these only with an okay from your doctor. Some decongestants can speed up your pulse and raise high blood pressure.

Never be tempted to take antibiotics right away. These are your last resort after trying all the tips above. Antibiotics may provide you the fastest relief but it could post grave risks, too.

If your sinuses keep on clogging, better consult your doctor immediately. It could be a worse medical problem that only experts can figure out.


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