How To Compare the Pros and Cons of Generic Medications

Generic medications have been receiving hype these days in terms of serving as a cheaper alternative for branded medication. And this happens with good reason. The generic pharmacy promoters actually assert that in various cases their offering is competent enough and comes at a much lower price. With the numerous concerns in the economic situation and the need to save on some items to make room for higher necessities, the influx of generic medicines seems to be the panacea that keeps branded medications from gaining complete monopoly over the buying public.

In minor cases which do not really involve life or death situations, like for instance, impotence, a cheap tablet can be easily bought from an offline or online pharmaceutical store. Other medications such as Norvasc, Advair, Protonix and Lotrel are also other examples of medication that can be bought off the generic shelves. Some do not deviate completely from the branded price range, but as the value of the medicine increases, the gap between generic and branded also increases.

Here are some of the benefits and pitfalls of having the generic option in your medicine cabinet: 

  1. Cheaper. The most obvious perk of using the generic brand is the price. There is a dramatic decrease in expenses, especially if you are trading in a branded medication of a maintenance type. Some people are already prescribed with drugs that they have to take permanently to prolong or sustain their lives. Such expense may not be affordable to some of the unfortunate people with that type of prescription. So cheaper medicine through generics are good options.
  2. Does not have the magic that branded medications have. Although cheaper, the generic medications do not possess all of the formulations in a tried and tested branded medication. It will not be able to completely copy the effectiveness and delicate mixing of chemicals of a top notch medicine brand. This is one risk that you have to take: it might not be the very best, although passable.
  3. Same general effect. Some people who are not really in need of immediate results or cures can adhere to generic medications, since they foster the same general effect in the patient, and they target the same things that the branded one does.
  4. Some additional side effects may be observed. Branded medications have their side effects already on the information sheet. But usually, generic brands, due to the slight variation in the mixture of the chemicals, are unable to predict that they will be limited only to the same set of side effects that their branded counterparts can claim.
  5. Limited information on the medication is given. Another risky item for consideration as you buy the generic medication is that very limited information is given on the specific medication itself. Since it's a generic type, the available information is also generic in nature. The more meticulous consumer may not exactly be comfortable using something with such limited information and may be more secure buying the branded one, albeit with the excess cost.


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