How To Cope with Noise Anxiety

Some people are a lot more sensitive to noise than others. While some people can stand sleeping or studying in a house near the highway, and while some people can do their job while noise is around, there are also others who develop noise anxiety when there is too much noise pollution around. If you are suffering from noise anxiety, here are some steps to help you cope.

  • Voices. One of the biggest sources of noise anxiety is the voice from people talking around you. While there are circumstances where noise is inevitable, such as when you are in a crowded school or in a conference hall, you should also tell other people that you work with on a daily basis that you get noise anxiety. Most people will willingly lower their voices if they know that someone has noise anxiety. Naturally, you cannot expect the entire town to hush down just because of your noise anxiety, but in most instances, it will be enough to hush down people from the work place or at home.
  • Volume. Next, also be sensitive of the appliances and gadgets around you. Home entertainment systems and music systems are becoming affordable and powerful. A lot of people have their own sound systems, and a lot of homes come equipped with fancy and powerful home entertainment systems. If you are suffering from noise anxiety, you should make sure that you lower the volume of the sound system in your home or in your car. If your neighbor plays loud music, you can talk to him courteously that you are naturally sensitive to loud sounds.
  • Quiet spaces. Sometimes, the environment itself can be very noisy. There are some neighborhoods where the kids’ shouting and the dogs’ barking is simply incessant. In these cases, you should consider installing noise minimizing features in your home. You can get your home sound proofed, although there are dangers to a completely sound proofed house. Or, you can install sound insulation in your walls that will minimize the noise without removing it completely.
  • Calming sounds. When background noise is bringing you down and triggering your noise anxiety, you should also consider masking it with calming foreground sounds. For instance, you can play gentle music or classical music. There are also recordings of calming sounds, such as leaves gently rustling, birds humming softly, or the sound of waves gently lapping the shores. Playing these in your music player even at low volumes can effectively mask the background noise.
  • Special audio gear. If you really need to concentrate on a particular project or work, or if you want to be able to control noise wherever you go, consider buying some special audio gear that will allow you to play soft and calming music with almost no offending background noise. There are in-ear head sets and noise canceling earphones that are specifically designed to remove noise completely.

Finally, also consider your environment. If you absolutely cannot stand noise, try to choose neighborhoods that are naturally quiet and with homes that are spaced far apart. With these in mind, you should be able to cope with noise anxiety.


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