How To Correct Dry Elbow Skin

Lemons Are for More than Making Lemonade!

Hopefully, I am not the only one with dark, rough skin areas on my elbows. It seems that the more I work at my desk on the computer, the dryer that skin gets. My laptop sits on the breakfast room table, and my elbows rest on the table--bad for me, I know. General lotions work on the skin, but the grayish tint lingers. I don't like the look so I searched for something that would help. My mother told me about using lemons to help get rid of the problem.

Step 1

Mother knows best. My mother said that lemons would help (and I thought they were just for making lemonade). So buy a lemon at the grocery store or fruit market. It's okay to be money-conscious and get a blemished one if it's cheaper. (I am frugal!)

Step 2

Roll the lemon on the counter to soften and get the juices flowing...then cut in half.

Step 3

Apply lemons. How you want to put the lemon pieces on your elbows is your choice. But doing the following does work.

  • Hold a piece of the lemon on your elbow for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Place the lemon on the counter and place elbows on it for the same amount of time.

I always wash my elbows afterwards with a scrubbing soap. Then I apply baby lotion. I like the jelled kind in a tube.

Step 4

Repeat the process daily until you see an improvement in the discoloration of your skin. Then repeat the process as often as you need if the problem returns.

Mother was right again. It really does help the discoloration of my elbow skin, and actually seems to soften it also. I keep the lemon in a baggie because you can reuse the lemon. I do refrigerate it, although I'm not sure if that is really necessary.

Using baby oil is just my preference. Lotion or Vaseline would work as well.

I do continue using my baby oil every night, even without the lemon.

Ann Scruggs is a retired teacher who wants to continue educating through her blog and articles.  See her main blog at  A reading, writing, and math blog are also accessible from this page.  Enjoy!


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I will try this as I have the same problem.

By Mary Norton