How To Correct Hormone Imbalance

To Increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone Naturally Follow These Steps

Hormone Imbalance can cause devastating effects to your Energy Levels, Libido, Body Composition, and overall Quality of Life. When your testosterone and growth hormone (Life Hormone) levels are out of balance you are at risk for developing many negative health effects, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and many others.

There are four steps to correcting Hormone Imbalance.

  1. Diet and nutrition can help increase your testosterone and growth hormone production, or it can halt production completely. To increase your testosterone and growth hormone production you need to consume a diet high in dietary fat (around 40%), moderate in protein (around (25-35%), and low in carbohydrates coming mainly from vegetables (around 20-30%). When you consume too many simple carbohydrates your insulin production throws your hormone production out of whack, but if you consume too little fat and complex carbohydrates you can also cause imbalances. It is important to eat a balanced diet, coming from mainly animal proteins, which contain plenty of healthy fats, and whole vegetables and fruits.
  2. Strength Training is important to increase your Life Hormone Levels and correct imbalances. All strength exercises will increase your testosterone and growth hormone production, but some do it better than others. Don't waste your time with ineffective exercises that focus on low weights and high reps, or concentrating on one muscle group. The best exercises to increase testosterone naturally in women and men are compound exercises that use multiple muscle groups. This would include Squats, Overhead Presses, Bench Presses, Pull-ups/downs, and other Olympic-style lifts.
  3. Ditch the slow, boring, steady paced cardio, if you are serious about correcting hormone imbalance. Research has shown that completing sprint type cardio increases testosterone and growth hormone production over 300 times higher than steady paced cardio, which will boost your fat loss efforts, and help you build that lean sexy body you dream about having. A standard Interval is going to look like this: 30-90 seconds of high intensity work (8/10 intensity) and then 30-120 seconds of recovery (3/10 intensity). You can repeat this 6-8 times, and you will get a way more effective workout that will help correct hormone imbalance and boost your life hormone levels (testosterone and growth hormone).
  4. Hormone Replacement therapy may also be an option if you are over 30 years of age. Make sure you visit a reputable doctor who only prescribes bio-identical hormones. There are several resources that will help you Find An Anti-Aging Doctor in your area.

Remember, Aging is inevitable, but looking and feeling OLD is Optional.

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