How To Create a Liver Cancer Diet

Cancer is quickly becoming the number one medical killer today. With all of the pollutants that people encounter each day, the chances of getting cancer has dramatically increased. Today, studies show that one out of every three people will get cancer. Here’s how you can create special diet for people suffering from liver cancer.

  • Calories. First of all, you need to ensure that the patient gets enough calories. Cutting back on calories is the last thing that you want to do when you have cancer. Most cancer patients lose their appetite because of the chemotherapy treatments and other medical treatments, which is why they end up with very few calories. Do not skimp on calories. Remember, the last thing that a cancer patient needs to do is look model thin. The chemo chemicals will do that, in any case. Make sure, however, that the calories are from nutritional food such as beans, bread, and legumes.
  • Fluids. Next, add plenty of fluids to the diet. As much as possible, you should create soups that incorporate taste, calories, and plenty of fluids. The normal eight glasses of water is not enough for people with liver cancer. Because the liver works to cleanse the body of toxins, you will need to use more water so that the cleansing task that the liver needs to do becomes easier.
  • Sports drinks. Because fluids are so essential to liver cancer patients, you should also consider sports drinks, such as Gatorade. Make sure, however, that you consult the doctor first, since some ingredients in some sports drinks may be contra-indicated with the treatment plan for the patient. The sports drink will not only be hydrated by the fluids from the sports drinks, but will also give the patient more energy, to keep him from feeling lifeless and consistently weak.
  • Protein. Next, the body needs its fair share of proteins. Protein is usually derived from meat. If the body is too weak to process hard meats such as those from pork, you should consider fish meat. Usually, however, sufficient cooking will soften the proteins enough so that it will be easy to eat for the liver cancer patient. Do not overcook the meats, however, since excessive heat will also harden the protein in the meats, and make it difficult to chew.
  • Vitamins and minerals. Because cancer cells are attacking the body, and because chemo chemicals are actually quite poisonous, you need to arm the body with vitamins and minerals. A well prepared meal will usually have enough vitamins and minerals for a healthy person. When someone is suffering from liver cancer, however, you will need to equip that person with more than just the inherent vitamins and minerals in food. You also need supplements. Again, check with the doctor to see which supplements will work best for the patient.
  • Keep it natural. Finally, make sure that you stick to organic foods. Foods that have been grown with fertilizer or which have been genetically modified tend to be harmful to the body, and even carcinogenic in some instances.

With a well prepared diet, a liver cancer patient should be able to bear treatment better and increase his chances of survival and recovery. These steps should help you prepare the best diet for the cancer patient.


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