How To Create Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Younger

Quick Hormone Diet Lesson

Our Standard American Diet is sapping our energy and causing premature aging. This is due to the high amount of processed carbohydrates we have been conditioned to consume.

Carbohydrates that come from any source other than fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (actually from a farm, not a food conglomerate) have devastating effects on our blood sugar levels, disrupting our hormone balance.

But, since we have been consuming pastas, breads, and other grains for so long we find it hard to create healthy recipes that will help us look and feel younger.

Before going on any fad diet, make sure it is full of whole natural foods. In fact, you should stay away from "diets" as it is. They never seem to be practical, and often are impossible to stick with for any amount of time. What you want to do is find an eating and nutrition plan that is flexible and fits your lifestyle, while still helping you feel and look younger.

Step 1

The first step to creating a recipe to look and feel younger is to start with your favorite protein source. For most of us we are going to pick an animal meat. But, there are plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans, and raw food eaters out there.

Protein is an essential nutrient to help your body heal and repair itself. It will help your muscles stop deteriorating, helping to increase your metabolism.

Step 2

The second step is to locate your favorite vegetables, or mix of vegetables. Picking a bag of mixed vegetables out of the freezer is perfectly acceptable. Some people don't like the palate of frozen vegetables so sticking to fresh vegetables is a better option for them.

The important thing to remember is you can eat as much of these vegetables as you want. If you are feeling more hungry, or are feeding big eaters, fill their plate with plenty of vegetables.

Vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help you look and feel young. They also are digested slowly, causing very low raises to your blood sugar helping keep your hormone production in high gear.

Step 3

The third step is finding your favorite spices and sauce. Tomato base sauces seem to go with everything, and so do the Italian type of sauces.

You may just feel like adding a bit of oil with your spices which is quite good for you. The fat in the oil will help satiate hunger levels, and increase your "Life Hormone" production. And as I have mentioned in other articles, your "Life Hormones" are essential to helping you look and feel younger.

Step 4

Combine the above components. You can either mix the vegetables, protein, and sauce together in one bowl (my personal favorite), or you can just combine them on a plate, and add the sauce to whichever component for which you have a preference.

Looking and feeling great is about correcting hormone imbalance and helping you increase your "Life Hormone" (testosterone and growth hormone) production.

Recipes that allow you to do this are higher in healthy fat content, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates coming mainly from a large amount of vegetables or even fruits.


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