How To Cure Acid Indigestion Naturally

Acid indigestion or what some people call Acid Reflux is a common medical condition that can be very uncomfortable or extremely painful but can be treated naturally if one so opts. Acid indigestion is when the liquid content of the stomach backs up into the esophagus or when the stomach becomes inflamed or irritated. Symptoms of acid reflux can include burning sensation in the chest (that’s why it’s also called heartburn at times), upset stomach, bloating and an acidic taste in the mouth. Oftentimes, this happens after an exceptionally large meal, irregular eating habits, smoking and stress. While antacids are common remedies for acid indigestion, there are also a number of natural ways to alleviate it.

  • Herbal remedies – A common and natural way to relieve acid indigestion is through tea. There are several teas recommended for indigestion – some of them very familiar and easy to acquire such as chamomile, ginger and mint tea. Chamomile in general is known to have a soothing and calming effect while ginger is known to relieve gas and bloating and is also known to promote digestion. Mint, already known for its cooling effects, is also believed to relieve indigestion, gas and heartburn as the mint supposedly soothes the muscle lining of the digestive tract.
  • Soda water – Plain soda water is supposed to give immediate relief for the bloated, gassy symptom associated with acid reflux. Soda water is intended to make you burp so as to relieve some of the gas and acid in the stomach.
  • Soda crackers – plain and unsalted ones preferably, are known to absorb the acid in the stomach and therefore help ease the pain. Soda crackers also have ingredients in them that neutralize acids and give you quick relief. If you are unsure if you are buying the right soda crackers (so as to keep them handy when eating out), ask your local health food store and they should point you in the right direction.
  • Sleeping position – If you are about to hit the sack but suffered through indigestion, another tip is to sleep in a position that does not add more pressure to the stomach and will help stop the acid from moving into your esophagus. Sleep with a slightly raised head by using pillows to prop you up. If you can, try to wait a couple of hours before sleeping so that you sleep on a more relaxed stomach or when the indigestion has been alleviated considerably.

Of course the best way is to not get indigestion in the first place. If you get them often or already know that you are pre-disposed to them, consult your physician on the best diet and lifestyle for you. You may have to cut down on the smoking and the drinking and your diet may be regularized. The kind of food you eat is another factor as fatty foods have been known to cause acid reflux. All these small changes cannot only prevent you from getting heartburn, overall, it’s better for your health too!


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