How To Cure Ailments Through Urine Therapy

In alternative medicine, urine therapy involves the use of urine (usually one’s own) to treat various kinds of ailments. This can either be through drinking of urine, or applying it externally to various parts of the body. While most people would think of urine as mostly containing the body’s dirty and toxic wastes, practitioners of urine therapy would claim that urine actually contains by-products from the body that are actually full of helpful minerals.

Some ailments purported to be cured by urine therapy include psoriasis, eczema, hepatitis, hyperactivity, allergies, and the like. Here are a few ways you can use urine to cure ailments.

Taken internally

Urine is said to help enhance its drinker’s immune system. Urine can also help cleanse one’s intestines, and can fight against colds and flu.

  • Urine can be taken as a tonic every morning. A glass of your own urine early in the morning is said to replenish all the minerals that your body passes through in your first morning urination.
  • Urine can be gargled as an antiseptic for treating sore throat.
  • Drinking your own urine on an empty stomach will act as a laxative.
  • Douche with urine to help alleviate symptoms of yeast infection.
  • Urine can also be used as an enema to help cleanse the colon.
  • Sore eyes (conjunctivitis) and glaucoma can be treated by dropping urine into the eyes.
  • Ear infections can also be treated with urine drops.

External applications

Urine can also be used to treat skin ailments and allergies. It is also said to be good at helping treat muscle pains.

  • Apply fresh urine to treat skin irritations like sunburn, eczema and acne.
  • You can use urine for rubbing against acupressure points to improve response and to reduce excessive reactions.
  • Urine can be used as a foot bath to help cure athlete’s foot and ringworm.
  • Urine can also be used to prevent hair loss or promote hair growth. Use a mixture of old, heated urine with sulfur powder and potato.
  • Urine can help treat animal bites by acting as a disinfectant.

Some tips

Before you try any alternative treatment to common ailments and diseases, check with your doctor or health practitioner for the safety of these methods. Urine therapy does not have any scientific basis, but is generally practiced in some cultures, such in central Asia and in Rome, particularly during ancient times.

Urine does contain about 95% water, and the remaining is a mix of urea and minerals that the body flushes out. More often than not, these minerals (such as vitamin C) are flushed out because they are taken in excess. However, proponents of urine therapy would claim that these vitamins and minerals are better absorbed when taken again through urine.

Some popular figures who have used urine therapy are pop singer Madonna, British actress Sarah Miles, and former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai. They have claimed to use urine therapy as either a cure for external, skin ailments like athlete’s foot, and as a tonic for improving one’s immune system.


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