How To Cure Food Cravings

Our ancestors had the barest of tools and lived in environments that had scarce resources where they were always at risk for starvation and death. As a result, the human body developed a way to handle a state of starvation and scarce resources: we are pre-programmed to seek out and crave for foods that have high sugar and fat content, because these foods would be the most essential in the wild. However, humans today live in an environment plenty, if not overabundance. Instead of having to hunt for our food, we can just walk down the street to the nearest convenience store to satiate our food cravings. This has led to a continuing rise in the incidence of obesity, especially in developed countries.

Obesity can be traced to uncontrolled diets, which are usually the result of a person’s incapacity to deal with his food cravings. In order to fight obesity, you have to learn to deal with food cravings. Here are some tips that can help you fight food cravings.

  • Start with a concrete vision of the change you want to achieve. It can be from your desire to have a better figure or simply to have a more healthy body. You should set goals for weight loss or improvement of body image. Aside from the goals, you should set a timetable for yourself that is realistic and achievable. Don’t go with huge lofty goals that will inevitably lead to failure and disappointed. Having a series of small, but achievable, goals allows you better compliance to your fitness regimen by giving you a sense of accomplishment every time you succeed.
  • As you begin your diet modification, complement this with a fitness or exercise program. You don’t necessarily have to join a gym or a fitness club to begin an exercise program: all it takes is the discipline to commit yourself to doing at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. The benefits of exercising regularly are threefold: you improve your figure and overall fitness, you also enhance your self-discipline (essential to sticking to a controlled food program) and your body released endorphins, which reduce your cravings for junk food and other food cravings. Beating a sedentary lifestyle is central to defeating your food cravings.
  • You will need to start eating better foods. This is the most difficult part. The only way to really defeat food cravings is to learn how to stop yourself from giving in. The best way is to quit cold turkey: eliminate all simple sugars (chocolates, candies, sweets, etc), salty foods (chips, processed foods, junk foods, etc) and fatty foods from your diet. If you don’t stop eating these kinds of foods, you will always end up making excuses for “just one bite more”. This will not help you defeat your food cravings. In fact, by giving in, you are just reinforcing your food cravings. This will require a lot of discipline on your end, and self-control.

Always go back to your goals. Remember that you want to achieve something and in order to do so, you will have to involve a lot of sacrifice. Substitute healthier foods such as vegetables to ease the hunger pangs. Eat in small and frequent feedings instead of three large meals a day. These tips will help you finally conquer your food cravings.


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