How To Cure Hepatitis C with Silver

Hepatitis C is an incurable disease of the liver. It is caused by the hepatitis C (HCV) virus and is transferred from person to person because of direct contact with an infected person’s blood. It is not easily diagnosed because symptoms such as are generally mild even if there is being damage to the liver.

Treatment for patients diagnosed with hepatitis C involves taking anti viral medication peginterferon and ribavirin. However, there is concern about the effects of continued use of strong medication on the body, as well as the financial constrain on the patient. Natural healers have advocated the use of Silver colloidal as a means to control the symptoms associated with Hepatitis C.

  • Do your research to learn the pros and cons. There is no wide scale study done on the use of colloidal silver for the treatment of Hepatitis C. Despite various testimonials, most doctors do not prescribe it since such claims are not scientifically validated. However, proponents say that this is merely propaganda by pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose millions of dollars if patients switched to this cheaper and more natural alternative. Silver has been used for centuries as an anti biotic and to help boost the immune system. Learn about the benefits and associated risk factors of using colloidal silver to make an informed choice for your self.
  • Talk to a natural health care practitioner. No licensed medical doctor will prescribe silver in the treatment of Hepatitis C. However, if you are open to alternative approaches to healing, there are other options. A homeopath will also be able to give recommendations.
  • Have your blood test done. If you want to try colloidal silver, it’s best to have your most recent blood test results on hand. This will be your basis to check if there is any improvement in your results after taking the silver colloidal after thirty days. After you do one cycle of taking the silver, have a test done again so you can compare results.
  • Purchase a bottle of silver. Colloidal silver is sold in liquid form. This is because nanoparticles of silver are suspended in a deionized solution that must be taken orally. Buy it from a reputable source. Depending on the size, you will probably need about eight bottles to last you a one-month cycle.
  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations regarding dosage. Usually, it is recommended that a patient take a tablespoon of the product three to four times a day. Do this for a month.
  • Maintain the treatment. If your Hepa C levels have been reduced and maintained in two months, you may reduce the dosage to three tablespoons a day. To further improve your overall health, detox your body by avoiding smoking, processed foods, alcohol, read meat and opting for organic food, daily exercise and taking the proper supplements to boost your immune system.

Take a holistic approach in the treatment of Hepatitis C. Supply your body with the proper nutrients and natural supplements it needs to naturally fight off disease and infection. Consider silver as part of your treatment of Hepatitis C. You know your body best, so you’ll know if it works for you.


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