How To Cure Herpes Naturally

Here’s the lowdown: if you have genital herpes, caused by the Herpes simplex type II (as opposed to cold sores around the mouth and nose, caused by Herpes simplex type I), it’s very important that you consult with your doctor for your treatment. You should never stick to self-treatment when you have this ailment. In conjunction with professional consultations and treatments, however, you could cure herpes naturally; just make sure that you get your doctor’s approval about any type of remedy you will try. With that being said, here are some of the ways that you could cure herpes naturally:

  • Eat healthfully. Remember: being conscious of what you put in your body will address multiple health issues right away. With regards to herpes, make sure that you avoid eating acidic and refined food, such as soda, coffee, chocolate, peanuts, alcohol, white flour products, fried foods and processed carbohydrates. On the other hand, you should fill your diet with healthful food, particularly those that are rich in these vitamins: A, B, C, E, selenium, and zinc. You should also consume more food with lysine (such as fish, cheese, beans, chicken, beef and lamb). You might consider taking supplements as well.
  • Try herbal supplements. One of the most effective herbal remedies that combat herpes is the herb Prunella vulgaris. Prunella vulgaris, also known as heal-all, is indigenous throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Its leaves and flowers are edible, and could be added as an ingredient in soups, stews and salads. Dried and chopped leaves could also be infused in cold water and enjoyed as a beverage.
  • Try topical creams. You could buy topical creams made of natural ingredients and which are specially formulated to combat the symptoms of herpes. Some of these creams are made of tea tree oil, eucalyptus and aloe vera. Look for them at herbal and health food stores.
  • Try homeopathy. There are many homeopathy practitioners that you can consult and who can tailor-make a remedy for your own particular situation (again, make sure that you consult with your doctor before you do this). In homeopathy, you will be given a remedy that will treat you as a whole person, rather than in a way that will simply address your symptoms. You will also be given a remedy made of plants, minerals or even venoms, but in infinitesimally small amounts that they are gentle and safe. For herpes, some of the remedies are sepia, dulcamara and toxicodendron. If you are given a remedy in pill form, it’s best that you suck on it for about 30 minutes before chewing and swallowing. For pill or liquid form, take the remedy after cleaning your tongue and teeth.
  • Manage your stress. The outbreak of herpes symptoms is found to follow stressful situations. To address this, you should learn of stress management techniques and exercise regularly. You should also learn to practice slow, deep breathing whenever you feel anxiety coming on.

Remember, it’s simply important that you work with your doctor in curing herpes. Though herpes is a lifetime condition, you can definitely manage it so that it need not hamper your quality of life. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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