Curing the Swine Flu: Influenza Facts and Remedies

Learn About the H1N1 Virus and Treatment for the Flu

Female with swine flu

The most dreaded disease nowadays is the A(H1N1) virus known as swine flu. The virus was first identified in Mexico and later spread widely in the most crowded cities of the world. It usually infects pigs, but later began to infect people as well. The disease is dreadful because the percentage of deaths has already reached 50% of the confirmed cases.

How do we cure swine flu? We have to remember that a virus spreads faster in densely populated cities. One way to avoid the flu is to avoid going to these densely populated cities; but what if that populated city is where we live? How can we avoid this disease? The argument can be resolved by guarding ourselves not to be infected by the virus.

If a resident gets sick with flu symptoms despite the safety measures being followed, antiviral medicines such as Tamiflu and Relenza could be taken. Some flu remedies or natural cures for seasonal flu and possibly swine flu could be considered. While the U.S. is still preparing the H1N1 vaccine and deciding if they will go to full blast production, natural remedies could be taken into consideration.

Here are some ideas for how to cure swine flu:

  1. Take apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy for swine flu. Apple cider vinegar keeps the body in an alkaline state so that disease could not reside. Just mix three spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink the mixture three times a day. This works for any kind of flu treatment.
  2. A concoction of garlic, onion, ginger, vinegar and hot sauce is also a natural cure for swine flu. Use the blender to mix well and grind. This will make a natural antiviral cure for swine flu and other common flu.
  3. Inhale 6 pumps of hydrogen peroxide every two hours to drive the virus away. In India, however, a doctor injected H2O2 to his dying flu patient. The patient was cured.
  4. Take antiviral medicines such as Tamiflu and Relenza to reduce the possibility of the swine virus. If the virus does not go away, see a doctor for intense medication.

Swine influenza or flu vaccines must be made fresh every year. As a precautionary measure, we should not travel to places known to be infected with the swine flu so that there is no fear of bringing home the virus. A campaign for cleanliness could be initiated with the local officials so that every household could be involved.

Swine flu spreads like the ordinary seasonal flu that spreads in the community. Have you ever wondered which communities are commonly visited by the virus? It is the community with less concern for cleanliness. So it could be concluded that despite our adopted precautionary measures, cleanliness is the number 1 requirement in order to avoid the swine flu virus.

To cure swine flu, you must follow the instructions of your doctor. Within two days, or even earlier, seek your doctor's treatment. Your doctor is the only one who can give the proper medication.

We hope these flu facts will help you better understand swine flu.


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