How To Deal with a Manic Depressive

People who are suffering from manic depressive disorder are usually characterized by intense mood swings ranging from severe depression to extreme joy and elation. If you are living with someone who is manic depressive, here are some things that you need to know in order to learn how to adapt to him and cope.

  • Research. First of all, make sure that you get your facts straight. There are many misinterpretations and mistaken beliefs about manic depression. There are some people who think that those who suffer from bipolar disorder are only exaggerating their situation or simply cannot adapt. In reality, however, manic depressive people simply have no control over their actions and their emotions. There are plenty of ways for you to know the facts about manic depressive people. One is through the use of the Internet. You can also visit the library and look for books about people with manic depressive disorder.
  • Labeling. Also be wary of using labels around people who are manic depressive. Just because they have a disorder does not mean that they cannot comprehend your jokes or your disparaging remarks and comments. Be sensitive when in the presence of people who are suffering the disorder. Avoid labeling them or typecasting them. Try to act as normally as possible. Sometimes, the way people ostracize manic depressives is a trigger for the sadness and the mood swings that the manic depressive person experiences.
  • Tell-tale signs. Also learn about the basic indications that the manic depressive is about to have an attack or an episode. If he lies in bed all day long and feels lethargic, it may the start of a major depression. If he seems overly eager and rather difficult to control, it may be the start of a manic episode. Both episodes are extremes and should be avoided. If you study the behavior and the tell-tale signs that manic depressive’s exhibit, you should be able to tell when an episode will begin, which will give you ample time to prepare yourself and the person suffering from the disorder. When you recognize the early warning signs, you can even prevent a full blown episode.
  • Help with treatment. Most manic depressives are on medication and treatment. Make sure that you help the manic depressive follow up on his schedules and appointments. Remind him whenever possible about the pills that he needs to take. It is best if the pills are placed in a common room such as the kitchen, and are sorted per day. This will allow you to determine whether he has taken his medication for the day or not.
  • Get help. Do not be afraid to ask for some help in case the manic depressive person gets out of control, especially when he is having a full blown manic or depressive episode. You do not need to bear the burden alone, and there are many people who can help. You should the number of his doctor so that you can call for assistance. In case of emergency, also dial 911.

Dealing and living with a manic depressive can be challenging. Manic depressive people, however, can also be very insightful and creative. With these steps, you should be able to live with them and care for them without having to compromise your own lifestyle.


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