How To Deal with Food Cravings

Everybody experiences food cravings every now and then. The key question here is, how will you respond to it? If you're in the middle of a weight-loss program, it's more crucial that you find out what the proper ways are to deal with these food cravings.

  • Drink water first. More often than not, our cravings can be satisfied simply if we drink a glass of water. Just try it, drink water first before you even consider giving in to the temptation. Remember, not only does water have no calories, but also drinking frequently contributes to your wellness. So feel free to regularly drink up!
  • Choose wisely.  Usually our body craves for carbs. But instead of the usual selection that our body seems to want, such as pizza, chocolate, french fries, and baked macaroni, you can satisfy your craving with good carbs, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Not only are they friendlier to your diet, but they also provide you with nutrients your body will welcome.
  • Wait it out. Sometimes, cravings disappear. After drinking water, try to occupy your mind with other things. Read a chapter of your favorite book, take a brisk walk, or have a refreshing shower. There is a chance that you just forget all about your craving and move on, saving you tons on calories.
  • Start a cravings journal.  Write down everything you eat everyday. This will give you a clear idea of how many calories you consume per day. It will make you more disciplined in making the right choices (there's nothing like seeing your food intake in black and white!). Aside from that, write down what your food cravings are, and whether or not you gave in to them. Try to write down exact details such as what time you experienced them, what you were doing around that time, and what could have triggered it. By taking an objective look at your food cravings, you might be able to avoid them in the future.
  • Clean out your pantry. If you're a stay-at-home mom, clean out any fat-rich food in your pantry (Don't say they're for your children. They don't need the junk food either!). If you stay at your office cubicle, get rid of anything that might tempt you. Remember, if food is accessible, then it's going to be easier for you to eat it even when you're not really hungry. Or, you could just replace your junk food with healthier options.
  • Find other means to cut down on stress. Most of the time, stress causes these food cravings. Find other means to satisfy your stress. Get a pedicure, have a massage at the spa, read your favorite book, or watch a movie with your friends.
  • Allow yourself to give in sometimes. Sometimes, the best way is just to give in to your cravings. However, make sure that you still carefully monitor your intake.  For example, instead of eating three-fourths of the chocolate mousse cake, you could eat just one slice. Eat slowly and relish every bite, and stop when your stomach is full.


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