How To Decide on Automatic Versus Manual Treadmill

You may have already decided that you want to buy a treadmill. But you may be at odds about the two types: automatic and manual. How do you choose between two promising pieces of equipment? Before we do a blow by blow comparison of the different aspects you may be looking for in a treadmill (and how each type fares against the other), it is very crucial for you to consider that it is your unique situation and needs that will dictate which type of treadmill will work for you.

The maintenance of workout in say, your Proform treadmill, is hinged also on many factors such as your stamina and your goals for fitness. It’s often immaterial if you are using a Trimline treadmill or a Healthrider treadmill.

  1. The Instant Factor. Do you want an instant fix in planning your workout? The automatic one wins on this aspect hands down. Push button technology in the automatic treadmill allows you to get a lot of things in your treadmill preferences without exerting too much effort.
  2. Versatility of workout. Do you want an incline one day and a relatively flat one on the next? Again, it’s the automatic that allows you to adjust the incline level faster. With manual you might have to place a block or two on your treadmill to get the specific incline that you want. It’s common knowledge that the incline adds intensity and helps build endurance.
  3. Simplicity in use and storage. Some exercise fans like simplicity over functionality. Then, if you are one such person, the manual treadmill is best suited for you. There are few adjustments needed in a manual treadmill. It will just let you walk, jog or run to your heart’s content. The manual treadmill is also naturally lighter, which contributes for easy storage, especially if you have limited space in your home.
  4. Cost. Manual is cheaper, definitely. If you are frugal with your spending, you may not like the price tag on the automatic.
  5. Maintenance. Understandably with more machinations, automatic is more complicated to maintain. With manual, you just need to check belt tightness and you’re pretty much good to go.
  6. Freedom of movement. Your freedom of movement is much better fostered in the automatic treadmill. You might have to be tied to the manual treadmill’s handrails. Unless you find a compromise on how you are going to use your manual treadmill sans the handrails, you might find automatic more provident in giving room for movement.
  7. Progressive intensity. Automatic treadmills have prescribed programs of increasing intensity. With the manual one, it’s possible also. But you have to expose yourself to subjectivity in your pacing with the manual treadmill, because it lacks the sensors, heart rate monitor and intensity indicator that the automatic ones have.
  8. Extra features. The automatic treadmill has more features to boast of, since it comes with a higher price.


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