How To Detect Ketosis

What is ketosis? Ketosis is a medical condition in which the blood of the body has elevated ketone bodies. This usually occurs when fats are converted as fatty acids and ketone bodies by the liver. Ketone bodies are used as alternative to glucose for energy.

People feel puzzled whenever they hear the word ketosis. Ketosis is, in fact, a state where the body uses fat as its source of energy because of the lack of carbohydrates. There is stress on the liver when this happens and may cause the muscle tissues to be destroyed. Ketosis can be potentially dangerous and life-threatening when there is undue stress on the liver and muscle tissues are destroyed.

When there are less carbohydrates to burn, the body burns fat for the energy it needs. During this process, ketones are produced and used for energy. Body parts such as the heart and the kidney prefer ketones than glucose. Ketosis usually happens when a person goes on a diet or is suffering from chronic starvation. Acetone is a ketone molecule that is excreted in urine and through breathing during ketosis.

Why should be ketosis be detected? Ketosis should be detected to ensure the health and well-being of those who are undergoing dietary management plans.

How can ketosis be detected?

  1. Ketosis can be detected through the urine. High concentration of ketones can be detected in the urine. There is fat burning happening in the body when a high concentration of ketones in the urine is detected. The urine exhibits a smell that is quite strong. The urine also has an oily quality. Through the use of a dipstick, the acetone content of the urine can be measured. If the dipstick does not turn purple as it should have but you do not feel comfortable with the results, better have your urine sampled tested at a laboratory.
  2. Ketosis can be detected through the breath. When the ketone levels become elevated during a low-calorie diet, ketosis breath happens. This can be observed when the morning breath smells bad and the mouth area generally feels dry. When bad breath happens, it is good to use natural was to eliminate the smell by using fresh mints.
  3. Ketosis can be detected through blood tests. Ketosis can be detected by measuring the blood’s acidity through a blood test.

Ketosis in intentional weight loss should not cause alarm. Some of the benefits from dietary ketosis may be weight loss and decreased hunger and food cravings.

Going on a low-carbohydrate diet however, should be done under the supervision of a health care professional. This is extremely important in order to avoid having health issues later on.

It is better to have a health care professional do a thorough medical examination on you should you feel that you are suffering from ketosis. You may feel that nothing is wrong but if you suspect there is something wrong, make that appointment as soon as possible.


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