How To Determine if a Supplement Is Working for You

Often times the best supplements on the market go unrealized because people are not sure how to determine if their supplement choice is actually working for them.  Just think about the psychology behind the marketing techniques of some of the big name supplement providers.  As long as they can convince you to start trying their product, even the slightest advantage over having done nothing may convince the consumer that they have found a supplement that works for them and that there is no need to spend the time and the money continuing their search.  How are you to know that an even superior supplement exists unless you have a way to gauge how well your current supplement is working?  Here are some suggestions for a method of self evaluation to determine if a supplement is working for you.

Steps to determining whether a supplement is working for you.

The best way to use this suggested process is to try one supplement at a time.  If you do not try each supplement individually, it will be difficult for you to determine which supplement in a blend was the one that actually worked best for you.  Once you have found a supplement that you feel makes you feel your best, there is no need to continue to search for perfection.  The idea is to not settle for a supplement that provides only partial benefits but to find something that truly enhances your quality of life.  Here is a suggested method to try to determine if a supplement is working for you:

Step 1

Give it some time - It will take some time for you to really determine whether or not a supplement that you may try is actually doing what you need it to do.  Most supplements do not yield dramatic results overnight.  One to three months is generally a sufficient trial period.

Step 2

Keep notes - If you are taking a supplement for a specific purpose, such as to alleviate discomfort due to a heart problem, make sure that you keep specific notes regarding the effectiveness of that specific supplement on a variety of aspects related to your pain.  For example, make a chart and rank your level of comfort or discomfort when you are taking a specific supplement.  Use a one to ten scale to measure how you feel.  Record how you felt as you participated in various activities that have varying levels of exertion.  It is also useful to have kept a symptoms diary before you even started taking a supplement so that you have something to compare your results with.  You cannot empirically decide whether or not a supplement improved your symptoms if you have no baseline with which to compare your results to.

Step 3

Involve your doctor - Determining whether or not a supplement works for you should by no means mean that you treat yourself like an experiment.  Be sure that you go over your plans with your doctor and that he plays an active role in evaluating your findings and helping you find supplements that would be safe to try and use on a regular basis.  Have your doctor check your cholesterol before and after you begin taking a supplement.  Have your blood pressure checked according to the same schedule as well.

Step 4

Know the dose - In order to compare apples to apples, keep track of the exact dose and the frequency of each supplement.

One thing to remember is that if you can measure it, then it is science as science is the ability to measure and compare. So do not delay, get started today and find a better path to a healthier life.  

Eric Glenn is the successful owner of several global health businesses and regularly advises clients and customers about health, nutrition and creating a global business. Eric strongly recommends health supplements to help boost your personal wellness. To learn more about these supplements visit or his health supplements website


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Thank you Eric. It will surely take some time trying out different supplements, but I think it will be worth it because in the end you'll end up with the best product for you. If one supplement didn't work for you in one month, the next one you try could do wonders for your body maybe in just a week!

By Anonymous