How To Diagnose Depression Symptoms

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Feeling depressed is man’s normal reaction to some discouraging situations. However, when the reaction becomes too overwhelming that it lasts for so long, this can be another story. Treating it should be prioritized the first time depression symptoms are seen.

Clinical depression is a psychological problem that starts from the ordinary feeling of being depressed. Any circumstance that has a great impact to a person’s life causes anxiety. Examples of such events include death of a loved one and loss of a job. If it is left untreated, it can lead to major problems including but not limited to suicide. Usually, any person can suffer from this; however, those who have bipolar disorder, ADHD, and those in postpartum depression are the most susceptible to it.

Since the effects of depression should be taken seriously, everyone should know how to identify the symptoms. Now, how can you say if one person is suffering from clinical depression? Here are some signs:

  • Psychological Depression Signs. The usual signs of depression can be visible through the behavior of an individual. Similar to people with bipolar syndrome, a person is more likely to be found in a disturbed mood, low self-esteem, irritability, hopelessness, helplessness, and a way lot more. In terms of postpartum depression, the symptoms anxiety disorder shows are basically the same. Other signs occur such as having thoughts of harming a person such as a baby, worrying about a child, and having a reduced sex drive.
  • Physical Symptoms. Though a highly emotional situation causes depression, signs of being anxious can be detected through the physical activities of a person. Pains, lack of energy, decrease in weight and appetite, and disturbed sleep are some of the symptoms that one can experience.
  • Social Symptoms. Since the emotional and physical side of a person is disturbed, the end result will always affect his social life as well. These things can be visible to a person: lacking interest towards work, avoiding social activities, dealing with fewer friends, and having fewer hobbies. Though ADHD patients are seen to be more vulnerable to depression, these social symptoms are usually not visible to them.

Being sure if the sign that you are seeing can be associated with a clinical depression is hard to say. However, if the symptoms are visible to a person, medical help should be sought right at hand. It is necessary for a professional to test a patient to know the real score of the patient. A psychologist will test a person by asking certain questions and giving specific quizzes to the patient.

Depending on the answers and the result of the quiz, the psychologist can say if the patient is suffering from a clinical depression. In this case, the medical professional can determine the most efficient ways necessary for the treatment of the disorder. Treatment can include prescription of drugs or improvement of lifestyle. Anti-depressant medicines, counseling, enough sleep, exercise, and more other ways can be effective to combat depression. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the cause of depression.

What matters most is that depression should not be ignored. If a depression symptom is diagnosed early, then the occurrence of bigger problems is prevented.


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