How To Dispose of Tampons

Women these days use a variety of menstrual products. There’s the sanitary napkin or pad, menstrual cups, reusable menstrual pads and tampons.  The most commonly used are the pads and tampons, which come in a wide range of styles, colors, lengths and absorbency.

Sanitary pads come in different designs. Some come with wings, others are long, others super thin while some are packed in beautiful packaging. Their absorbencies also differ from one another depending on the brand. Some also come with scents, but this may cause irritations to the skin. These pads come with stick strips, which are used to keep the pad in place.

A tampon is a round plug mostly made of cotton, which is organic. It is placed in the vagina during a woman's menstrual period to absorb the menstrual blood. It comes with an applicator to facilitate insertion and a string that aids in the removal of the tampon. Tampons are preferred by women because they are more comfortable and discreet in tight jeans. Women can also go swimming and be carefree even while wearing tampons. With the advantages of tampons come some health risks, which include the toxic shock syndrome commonly known as TSS.

With the use of tampons, menstrual blood is not exposed to the air, and that is why it has limited odor. It is also invisible when women are dressed, unlike when they are using sanitary pads, which leave outlines that are seen through fabric. Another advantage of using a tampon is that you don’t have to wash anything in between use.

In disposing of tampons, you should observe utmost care and hygiene. Here are the basic steps in tossing out tampons:

  1. Make sure that your hands are clean before removing your tampons.
  2. Be guided by the string attached to the tampon to ease removal of the used tampon.
  3. Do not just dispose of it. Use paper or toilet paper or menstrual bags to wrap the used tampon.
  4. Do not flush any used tampons down the toilet.
  5. Throw the used tampon, properly wrapped, in the garbage can or a trash bin.
  6. Sprinkle your wrapped tampon lightly with vinegar or other scent removal products to ward off any blood smell.
  7. If needed, put in a new tampon using the applicator that comes with it.
  8. Put the used applicator back in its box and wrap it completely with paper or tissue, then dispose of it in the trash bin.
  9. Throw the wrapped used tampon applicator in the garbage can.
  10. Again wash your hands for sanitation purpose.

It is not enough to just use any product that you've chosen because of a commercial you saw. You have to be properly informed of what it is made of and how it is used and how to dispose of it. Proper care and hygiene should be observed in the use of menstrual products like tampons. Tampons may have their advantages, but you should be careful not to use it for more than the prescribed time, as it may cause toxic shock syndrome. This condition can be fatal. It is not healthy to use tampons for more than 6 hours. Be always aware of this as carelessness or plain ignorance can cost you your life.


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