How To Do a Face Exercise to Tone Your Face

Exercise is good for the body, but do you know that it’s beneficial for the face also? There are different ways to have a face workout. The steps below are some of the ways to tone and circulate blood in your face. You can repeat one face exercise eight times, and then alternate it with another. If at work, you can do one face exercise while talking to someone on the phone.

  1. Complete face routine. Stroke and massage all parts of the face using all your fingers. Duplicate what you see your masseuse do on your whole body on your face. If you want full pressure, you can just use your index and middle finger in stroking. Pinching, or using the index and thumb fingers, can be done if you want a lighter and more relaxed face exercise. Not only will these exercises tone your face, it will also stimulate the blood, and keep you awake if you are sleepy.
  2. Forehead exercise. Pull your eyebrows towards one another in the direction of your nose. After five counts, push your eyebrows upward, lifting them as high as possible. Widening your eyes can help in this step. You will need to relax in between when the two alternating steps. This exercise can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines by softening them.
  3. Eyes exercise. Close your eyes in a relaxed manner. While in this position, move your eyeballs left, right, up and down. Make sure you are seated before doing this exercise. Another exercise for the eyes is this: Sit down. With head still and eyes open the whole time, look straight ahead for five seconds. Look to the left for 5 seconds, to the right for five seconds, upward and downward for five seconds each also.
  4. Cheeks exercise. Put your index, middle and ring finger side by side and push them towards your cheeks. You should counter this motion by smiling as wide as you can. This will raise your cheeks, and the downward movement of the fingers will tone this part of your face.
  5. Mouth and lips movements. Opening your mouth as big as you can, at the same time stretching lips as far out as possible, is an easy but very effective exercise. Another method is pretending that you are chewing bubble gum. Make sure your mouth is closed. By doing this, you can release tension in the jaw muscles. The last example of a possible exercise is positioning your lips to kiss someone very far from you. This must last for 10 to 15 minutes before relaxing.
  6. Chin exercise. Sit comfortably. Look up at the sky or ceiling by tilting your head. Put your lower lip above your upper lip as far up as possible. Stay in this position until five seconds, and relax.
  7. Neck exercise. The most common neck exercise is usually used as a warm-up exercise. Do this in intervals of eight seconds. Stand up straight. Face towards your left. Face towards your right. Face upward. Face downward. Another famous neck exercise is the neck rotation exercise. Using your neck as the centrifugal point, rotate your face in a clockwise and then counterclockwise direction.

Do these face exercises correctly and regularly to produce a well-toned and healthy face.


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