How To Do a Handstand

Handstands are a way to demonstrate your upper body strength and coordination. You may also consider the handstand a position to relax and meditate in while developing your strength. In order to do a handstand, try the following. You'll be standing on your hands in no time.

  1. Increase your strength. Even when you try a handstand while supported against a wall, you will need to have strong muscles in your arms, shoulders and back. Prepare your body with regular strength workouts for your upper body.
  2. Start against a wall. Before you start planting handstands everywhere, you will need to practice. Start by hand standing when you can rest against the wall. Stand facing the wall and raise your hands above your head.
  3. Bend forward. Bend forward at the waist. Keep your arms overhead and stretched out. Keep your head straight so that you are now facing away from the wall.
  4. Rest hands against the floor. Extend your fingers and place your arms on the floor. Stabilize your arms by locking your elbow and putting your weight onto your hands.
  5. Kick up with your feet. Push your hands against the floor and use your strength to kick your feet up towards the wall. Be careful with this step because you can scuff and dent the wall if you strike it too hard with the heels of your feet. On the other hand if you do not use enough force when kicking up your feet, you won't be able to extend them over your head.
  6. Rest your feet and legs against the wall. Once your body is extended up against the wall you can take a rest. Until you are strong and have practiced your balance, you might need to rest against the wall for a break. Then pull your legs slowly away from the wall and extend them straight into the air. Hold the position.
  7. Move on to unsupported handstands. After you have strengthened your arms and practiced your hand stands using a wall for support, you will soon be able to perform a handstand without that support. Move to practicing in the center of the room. Be prepared that the first few times you might kick your legs too far and flip over. With a little practice you will be able to stop your legs and then push up through your arms to extend your body into a straight handstand.

You can do a handstand. With a little practice and the application of these steps, you can build up the strength and balance to do a stellar handstand.


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I remember doing handstands when I was a kid -- maybe I'll give it a try again! :O)

By Elizabeth Grace