How To Do a Hip Snap in Belly Dancing

A lot of people know belly dancing because it is one of the most erotic types of dances today. A number of people, however, perform belly dances not just because these are very sexy, but also because belly dancing is a great way to exercise your body while having fun. Belly dancing will actually improve your blood circulation, your stamina, and can give you killer abs as well as make your rear look much more firm and much livelier. Here’s how you can perform the hip snap while belly dancing.

  • Sitting practice. First of all, you should try practicing this move while you are sitting down. This is a pretty complex step, although the motions are pretty basic. The complexity stems from the fact that you need to be able to control your butt muscles if you want to be able to accomplish a hip snap. To be able to gain control over your butt muscles, you will need to sit down and focus your attention to one of your butt cheeks. Try to make it as tense as possible, so that the muscles in that butt will all come together and contract. Do this at least three times, with each interval lasting approximately ten seconds. Afterward, repeat this for the other butt cheek.
  • Thrusting. Once you are have perfected the art of squeezing one butt cheek at a time and holding it for a couple of seconds, the next step is to practice thrusting your hips. You will be able to do this by standing up and then thrusting your hips sideways. Thrust the hips to the left in one quick motion and then fluidly return to the primary position where your hips are not outstretched. Repeat the thrust three times, and then do the same thrusts, but on the opposite direction.
  • Popping. After you have practiced the thrusting motion, the next step is to combine the butt exercise with the thrusting exercises. this means that you will need to simultaneously thrust your hips while controlling your butt cheeks one from each other .with each thrust, you should accompany it with a ‘pop’ of your butt cheek. This means that before the thrust, the muscles in your butt should already be tensed, so that you can release it when the thrust is finished. This also means that you will need to synchronize yourself, so that your left buttocks is tensed when you are about to thrust to the left, and vice versa.
  • Posture. Make sure that you maintain your posture even when you are thrusting. The correct posture for belly dancing includes slightly bent knees that will allow you to move in a fluid motion and shoulders and arms that are relaxed on your side. If you are dancing to music, you can also use your arms to accentuate your belly dance.

Finally, make sure that you practice a lot so that you are able to master the hip snap in belly dancing. With these steps and practice, perfecting the hip snap is easy. You will not only develop your abdominal muscles, but also your buttocks.


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