How To Do a Military Circuit Training Exercise Routine

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Workouts come in various forms. They’re usually dressed up in various costumes and packaging. Some would come in the form of a martial arts-based type of training. Some workouts come in a form of a meditation-based package while others simply concentrate on the aerobic side of the workout in order to take out those fat deposits around the waist.

While some people would like to be eased into exercise for fear of overdoing it, some would like to have a hardcore program that would immediately give them the benefits of a rigorous workout. For those who don’t want anything to do with exercise programs focus on easy exercises, there is a solution: the military workout.

One of the things that can be highlighted regarding this particular exercise program is the fact that you do not need any weights when performing this exercise routine. You will get the various benefits of having an exercise routine and yet you’ll do it with your own body weight. This is what separates the military exercise routine from the rest. So here are some circuit training exercises for a military workout:

  1. Stretching – 3-5 minutes
  2. Pull-ups – maximum number of repetitions
  3. Squats – maximum of 30 repetitions
  4. Push-ups – 1 minute or until failure
  5. Lunge – 10 reps per leg
  6. Sit-ups – 1 minute or until failure
  7. Lower back extensions – maximum 1 minute

Repeat each set of the above exercises 3-4 times each.

One of the good things about this particular type of exercise is that it will efficiently work out the different muscle groups of an individual’s upper body, back torso and front body and ultimately the legs. Workout is done by resistance, which means you fight against gravity or against your own body weight.

There are a lot of important things to consider when doing the exercises. One is that you should always take care to do the exercises with proper form. It should always be done the correct way or you run the risk of injuring yourself and this would greatly hamper yourself from reaping the benefits that the exercise regime will give you.

For those purists who feel that they always need a dumbbell or barbell in hand, it would be best if you would research about various exercises that could help you attain the necessary results that you are looking for. It would be best if various dumbbell exercises were incorporated into your exercise routine such as woodchopper squats or bent over rows. These types of exercises all need a barbell or dumbbell, and it would do you good to also familiarize yourself with them.

In the event that you feel that you need to upgrade your resistance from body weight and isolate a few muscles here and there, you can use barbells and dumbbells along with the military-type exercises described above. The important thing is that you always give way to variety in your exercise routine. You might want to add a little running every now and then or maybe more reps to incorporate variety into your workout.


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