How To Do a Parasite Cleanse without Drugs

The signs, symptoms, and your doctor all confirmed that you are suffering from intestinal parasite. You are told to do a parasite cleanse. This is cleaning your body to totally get rid of parasites and future parasites. There are drugs available for this purpose but the natural alternatives are better. No wonder many in about 85% people suffering from parasites in the whole world consider dealing with parasites without using drugs.

Parasite Cleansing Kits

Thanks to the increasing concern about getting rid of intestinal parasites. There are now hundreds of parasite cleansing kits in the market. Simply take the kit as instructed by the manufacturer and you’ll feel okay soon.

However, many of these kits are only riding on the current trend. Be very careful when choosing a kit. Do not base your choice on how fast your parasites are expected to be eliminated from your body. Choose the safest yet most effective of all the parasite cleansing kits. Below are tips and guides when choosing kits:

  • Look for the approval. Check if the product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration or any equivalent institution in your area. Ask also what it means if a product is FDA-approved. Some approved products do not necessarily mean they are safe. It also means their ingredients are accepted but not really how these ingredients were combined and processed.
  • Seek help from your doctor or alternative medical practitioner. They know better than you do so trust their professional advice.
  • Review the kit before giving it a try. A money-back guarantee does not guarantee success. This can be a scheme to convince you into buying a product. Better learn how the product actually works in real-life scenario. Read forums and reviews about the product before buying it.

Try a do-it-yourself parasite cleanse if you want a surer way. But this will require a lot of time—from doing your research, choosing the right ingredients, and preparing everything.

DIY Parasite Cleanse

Here are some DIY natural parasite cleanse herbs:

  • Ginger plus garlic. Both ginger and garlic have natural properties that effectively kill parasites in the colon. They also have special cleansing mechanism, helpful for destroying parasite eggs. You may take these two herbs as teas or eat them raw.
  • Cloves, wormwood, and black walnut hulls. This is a popular combination used as a DIY parasite cleanse. The black walnut hulls have anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties that can expel parasites and worms from your body. Wormwood works like black walnut hulls with its parasitic killing properties. Cloves can kill parasite eggs.

When using these herbs, be extra careful when choosing. The hulls can retain their medicinal properties if they have been harvested green and then decayed to turn black. When choosing wormwood, choose the artemesia specie. Fresh cloves are the best. Grind these to get the medicinal properties.

Parasite cleanse could last from three weeks to up to three months. Keep your environment clean, frequently wash your hands, and avoid eating raw and fermented foods during the cleansing period. Drink filtered or boiled water while in the cleansing period.

Remember, if one person in the house is infected, it’s highly possible that everyone is also infected. Family members and pets living in the house should consider parasite cleansing also.


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