How To Do a Testicular Self Exam

You may think they hang there for you and your girl's pleasure but there is more to your testicles than you may think. First of all, they are enclosed in the scrotum (the loose skin that holds your testicles). They are connected to your other sexually related parts in a relatively simple network of pipes that lead to the opening of your penis.  It is a well-oiled machine where each part of the system serves a purpose. For example, the testicles hang to keep cool and increase fertility.

Even well oiled-machines break down from time to time. Like everything else, your testicles need to be checked periodically. It would be good to get it to a professional to ensure quality checking but this can be a weird situation for you. It might be best to examine your testicles yourself.

There are many reasons to check your testicles regularly. This is called a testicular self exam. This is a self examination to determine irregularities of your testicles and reveal themselves as possible signs of cancer. Follow this simple guide and you can learn to perform a testicular exam on yourself.

  1. Take a bath to prepare.  Get a nice warm bath before you even begin your examination. The warm water should soften and loosen the skin around the testicles. If the scrotum is loose and relaxed, it will make it easier for you to find the lumps and irregularities.
  2. Get a mirror and stand there. As humiliating as that may sound, it is the first major step to perform a testicular self exam. Look at your testicles and how they hang there.  Grab a chair and lift your leg up, this will give you a better view of your goods. First thing you will notice is that one side is lower than the other. This is perfectly normal. What you need to look for is irregular swelling. Is one testicular significantly larger than the other side? If there are obvious differences then it would be best to ask for professional help.
  3. Feel it out. If nothing seems to be wrong, it does not mean that all is clear. The problem may be more than skin deep. With both hands after the other, feel each of the testicles. Look for lumps; they can be pea-sized or bigger. Lumps can also be either painless or painful. If they are painless, it does not mean that there is nothing wrong with. To be sure, go to a doctor and have anything out of the ordinary checked.
  4. Repeat every month. If you are safe one month, it does not mean you are safe forever. Check yourself every month.

A self exam is a good way to ensure that you catch testicular cancer early. It could be the difference between life and death. Testicular cancer is a killer but if you catch it early, you have a better chance of beating it. Testicular cancer can also lead to amputation. So remember that you must feel it to make sure you keep it.


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