How To Do an Abdominal Roman Chair Sit-Up Exercise

A roman chair is a piece of exercise equipment that is used to strengthen the back and trunk muscles and can also be used to target the abdominal muscles. It has roll pads and a padded bench which can be adjusted to suit the exercise and the size of the user. Some of the roman chairs have adjustable angles that help increase the difficulty level of different exercises. Most people want to have firm abdomens. This can only be achieved through exercise. How many times have you ogled bodies with six-pack abs? Have you ever wished that you too should have flatter, firmer abs?

Exercises for the abdomen are not confined to lying down on the floor with your legs extended or bent. There are a variety of methods and exercise equipment you can use to help strengthen and firm up your abdominal muscles. You can now do sit ups using a roman chair which makes it easier for you to work on your abs, particularly your lower abs. Take a look at some tips below.

  • Dress in comfortable gym clothes. Your exercise clothes should have enough stretch so as not to restrict movement.
  • Sit on the roman chair with your feet hooked to the support posts. Your buttocks should be squarely on the bench. With your back straight lean back until you are almost in a prone position. Your waist should extend from the bench. You can feel the pull on your abdominal muscles as you lay suspended, with your feet anchored to the support posts.
  • Try to lean as far back as possible to achieve a one hundred and eighty-degree prone position. Cross your lower arms across your chest and using your abdominal muscles without curling your back and your neck, pull your torso up to almost a ninety-degree position. Do not go beyond this to an upright position as this may injure your lower back. Hold the position for ten to fifteen seconds before moving to the next phase.
  • Slowly move back down to your starting position, keeping your back straight the whole time. You may also place your hands over the back of your head, if this is more comfortable for you. This position also expands your chest muscles. Again, hold the position before going up.
  • Start with a set of 10 repetitions, rest for a few minutes and begin again. You should slowly work your regimen to do two to three set of twenty to thirty repetitions per set. You can do sit ups for twenty to twenty-five minutes a day, twice a week.
  • When you have found your rhythm and comfortable with the exercise you can increase the difficulty of this roman chair sit up by placing a weight plate over your chest. There are also other variations of the sit up using a roman chair. You can have your legs extended straight out while you are doing your sit ups. This increases the difficulty because the abdominal muscles will also work to keep your legs out and straight. Start by leaning back to at least a forty-five-degree angle and work your way until you can comfortably do the sits ups from a one hundred eighty-degree angle.

Make sure that you heed the signals of your body. Do not perform sit ups if you have pain in your lower back. If your shoulders are feeling stressed stop and rest for a few minutes before you try again. Make sure that your shoulder muscles and relaxed and not bunched up. Keep your neck straight, too at all times as this helps lengthen and straighten your back.    


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