How To Do an Abdominal Workout on an Inversion Table

An inversion table is normally used as a therapy appliance for people suffering from chronic back pain and those recovering from spinal injuries. Gravity has a lot to do with spinal compression, together with muscle imbalance. Inversion table therapy involves having a person suspended by the ankles to hang upside down. This decompresses the spine and removes the tension. The inversion table however can be used as an exercise equipment. There are different types of exercise positions you can do to workout your abdominal muscles using an inversion table as this can be adjusted to different angles, aside from an upright position. When you are hanging upside down, the body weight is distributed evenly in reverse. This position helps lengthen and relax the muscles. The following are tips on how to do an abdominal workout on an inversion table.

  • Relax and feel the easing of tension in your muscles. You can also feel the lengthening of your spine. Start the abdominal sit ups by placing your hands lightly over your thighs. Use your abdominal muscles to crunch and pull your upper torso up to at least a forty-five degree angle, allowing the palms of your hands to slide over your thighs. Keep your back straight as you slowly go up and make sure that your neck will not bend at any point while you are moving into an angled position. Hold the position for a few seconds before releasing the stomach crunch and going back to your original position. Do three repetitions of this.
  • Move to the next phase of the abdominal workout. Cross your arms over your chest. Crunch your abdominal muscles and lift your torso. Make sure that your neck and back are still straight. Hold the position for three to five seconds before you slowly go back down to your starting position. Hold for a few minutes and repeat two more times.
  • The next phase will have your arms hanging beside your head. This increases the tension on your abdominal muscles. Do your stomach crunch and move your torso up, hold and then go back down, hold and repeat the movements two more times.
  • For a more advanced abdominal workout, place your hands at the back of your head before you do the routine. Repeat this three times.
  • Rest for a few minutes before you start a new set, beginning from step number one. Continue doing the set of repetitions as long as you are feeling comfortable. The exercise routine can be done for twenty to twenty-five minutes a day twice a week. Gradually increase the number of repetitions of each phase of the abdominal sits ups as you get used to the routine.

Wear the proper exercise clothes. You can use jogging pants or stretchy gym clothes. Get assistance from a friend or an instructor to suspend you from the top of the inversion table. Make sure that you do the abdominal sit ups slowly to prevent your body from swinging in every direction. You should not do any part of your routine if your body is at an angle as this can cause muscle and cartilage damage. Maintain a straight position at all times. This is very essential.


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