How To Do an Easy, Quick Upper-Body Workout for Guys

Looking for an easy upper body workout to do at home if you failed to hit the gym? Want to keep it quick because you had a long day and really just want to curl up in bed and stay there? Here is how to do a quick and easy upper body workout for guys:

  • Dependence on gyms and machines. Many men and women exercise and workout at a gym. However, many of those same men and women fail to exercise and workout when the facilities and machines of the gym are denied them. They care about their bodies and health but seem to think that when the gym is inaccessible, they can slack off and miss a session. You, of course, can still have a great upper body workout outside of the gym, even if you do not have all those fancy machines at home. As you will see, you can tone and strengthen your upper body with a quick and easy session which you can do at home, in hotel rooms while traveling and even at work or school during lunch breaks.
  • Quick and easy. All of these workout suggestions for men are designed to be simple and easy to do in a short amount of time. Think of these as portable, mini-workouts that you can do before dinner, before you leave for work, whenever you want. You need not go a day without working on your upper body if you stick to these suggested routines.
  • Push-ups. The most simple, basic, easy-to-do and most importantly, effective quick and easy upper body workout for guys. Push-ups are the perfect workout as they serve to strengthen your abs, shoulders, back, arms – it’s the whole upper body really. However, it is very crucial that you perform the push-ups correctly: straight back, arms shoulder-width apart, elbows tucked in, etc. Do 3 quick sets of 15, 25, 50 push-ups, the volume increasing as you go along. You don’t need shoes, machines, weights or what have you. All you need is your body, the floor and effort and commitment.
  • Doorway pushes. This exercise is surprisingly effective at working your upper body. To do this exercise, stand between any regular doorway and lift your arms, placing your palms on the sides of the doorway. Now push as hard as you can. This resistance-type exercise will work your arms, chest, back and more!
  • Lifting weights. You can lift weights at home if you got them, doing straight curls to work your arms. Stand up, straighten your back and keep your elbows to your sides. Lift the weights up with a moderately-quick burst of speed and bring them down slowly, up until your waist or when you create a right angle with your arms (90 degrees). Breathe in as you go up and exhale as you bring it down.

Doing a quick and easy upper body workout is supposed to be just that, quick and easy. A lot of people (women included) seem to think that the only place to get in shape is at a gym. Follow the tips above and you can have your own great upper body workout whenever, wherever.


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