How To Do Brain Exercises

The human brain is an organ which can be strengthened through mental stimulation and interaction with the world.  The brain is capable of adapting to new challenges from infancy through old age.  While many people suffering mental decline are victims of disease, others can offset memory loss in old age by constantly stimulating their brains through brain exercises or brain teasers.

There are many brain exercises which can help increase brain functionality and stave off the effects of old age.  One simple exercise is to attempt to use your opposite hand in daily life activities.  Attempt writing, brushing your teeth, and using a computer mouse with your opposite hand.  It may feel uncomfortable and awkward at first, but your brain is actually learning a new trick.

Other ways to exercise your brain are to perform neurotic exercises.  A common neurotic exercise which exercises the side of the brain not normally used is closing your eyes while performing daily life activities such as bathing, dressing, opening a door and tying your shoes.  Also, try going through a day while wearing ear plugs so you depend on your other four senses.  Generally, cutting off one of the five senses requires your brain to work harder to get through simple tasks.

Alternating your daily routine is another way to stimulate your brain.  When you first wake up the in morning if you normally eat breakfast before showering, flip the two activities around.  Figure out a new route to work and experience a different traffic pattern.  While taking breaks at work, maybe read a newspaper or socialize with other co workers as opposed to surfing the internet.  While exercising at a gym, try using an elliptical or rowing machine as opposed to a treadmill.  Virtually any change from your life’s routine will cause some stimulation in your brain.

Other ways to stimulate your brain include reading a book or completing a cross word puzzle as opposed to watching TV.  If you take a bus or train to work, maybe download some puzzles to your phone or by a Sudoku book.  These will be both fun and challenging.  Listening to classical music has also been shown to strengthen the brain and prepare it for a day.

Proper diet and exercise can also have a positive impact on brain strength.  A brain healthy diet is one that minimizes sugar intake and revolves around eating lean proteins, vegetable and good fats.  Exercising regularly and being in good physical condition has proven to improve the brain's functionality.  Early morning exercise will help you feel alert and ready for the day.  Senior citizens who walk regularly have been shown to have stronger memories than those senior citizens who lack physical activity.


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