How To Do Callanetics

Mr. Callan Pinckney created callanetics in the seventies in an aim to develop a pain relief program. Callanetics is a system of little muscle stretches and contractions. Experts claim that an hour of callanetics is equals 24 hours aerobic dance. Below are steps and guides on how to do callanetics.

  • Understand callanetics fundamentals. Know that all movements are not more than ¼ to a ½ inch and they are done gradually. Don’t forget to breathe naturally. Curl your pelvis and don’t force motion or stretch because you need relax as you workout.
  • Perform warm-ups before the actual exercise. Swing is an excellent warm-up example. Stand with feet apart. Bend your knees a bit and stretch up your arms. Harden your behind and curl up your pelvis. Lower upper body onto the ground while you’re bending your knees. Swing arms backwards and forwards in this posture as you raise and lower your knees. Gradually curl your back up.
  • Perform a leg exercise. Pile is an effective workout for this activity. Face and hold a piece of furniture while standing up, your feet must be turned out on your sides. Your heels must be together while you stand on the balls of your feet. Gradually lower your chest straight down through bending your knees. Lift your body up. You will have stronger muscles if you will perform the pile slowly.
  • Stretch. Perform a sitting stretch. Comfortably sit on a floor. Stretch your legs in your front. Your legs must be together, and your toes must be pointed. Your hands must be resting on the front side of your thighs. Gradually round your shoulders and head and aim your shoulders and nose towards the top of your legs. Calm your body. The exercise will stretch your hamstring muscles and lower back.
  • Execute a pelvic exercise. The pelvic rotation is excellent for this activity. Sit on heels and keep knees together. Stretch arms overhead and clasp hands together. Lift buttocks 3 inches off your heels. Move your right hip to your right side as far as you can stretch. Curl your pelvis up then release it while you sway your left hip towards and over your left side as far you can stretch. Move your behind back to finish and complete the circle.
  • Notes. Remember that callanetics isn’t a thorough weight loss program. The frequency of your workout must depend on your health and fitness goals. If you need to lose 15 pounds or more or if you desire to speedily tone your body, then you need to perform callanetics 6 days every week. Just allow your body to have sufficient rest after every workout. callanetics is effective for people regardless of their fitness level. If you’re pregnant, consult your doctor if you can perform callanetics. His answer will depend on your pregnancy period and situation which he only understands. You don’t need special apparel but its better if you can observe how your muscles are working because seeing your muscles work will help your mind coordinate with your body.

The steps and guides above are brief but effective guides so you can start doing callanetics but consult your physician before trying the exercise program. Have a healthier lifestyle so you can easily become healthier and fitter.


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