How To Do Chest and Pectoral Exercises

If a woman’s beauty is measured through the breast, waist, and hips, a man’s beauty is measured through his muscles. A man can never be handsome or beautiful without a well-built chest. That is why more than anything else, men spend more effort to develop their chests.

Luckily, there are many chest and pectoral exercises that can help you achieve a more beautiful you. Below are some of these exercises:

  • Bench press. One of the most favorite men exercises, a bench press is a traditional yet still effective way to develop the muscles. This exercise involves two techniques, which are the close grip and the wide grip. Do this by laying your back on a bench while the knees are bent and resting on the floor. Hold one dumbbell for each hand, palms out. Start the exercise by spreading your arms on the side. Bring your arms in front of you and slowly return to the starting position. Every set has at least 10 repetitions. Strive to make about three sets of bench press.
  • Incline/decline flyes. Develop more muscles in the upper chest with this exercise. Prepare one dumbbell for each hand and place them on the sides. Lie on a flat surface with your back about 45-degree angle from the floor. Get the dumbbells and position your hands beside your body with the elbows making 90-degree angle. Slowly lift and lower the dumbbells to your body’s side. Make about three sets of this exercise, with each set having 10 repetitions.
  • Cable crossover exercises. Are you familiar with the cable crossover machine? You can use that to develop your muscles. This machine has two cables, one from each side. The weight for each side can be chosen. Hold each end of the cable with your hands. Arms should be out to your sides. Now, slowly bring your arms in front of you until they meet. Strive to do at least one set with 10 repetitions. Continue to add more weights or add more repetitions or sets as you become more familiar with using the machine.
  • Push-up. This exercise does not need any fancy machine or simple equipment. You only need a flat surface to do the push-up correctly. The body must be straight and well-stretched. Only the palms and the tip toes should be touching the ground. The arms should be under your shoulders and they should be able to bend conveniently. Slowly lower your body by bending the elbows. Keep your body straight and stretched while doing this. Do at least 10 counts or as many as you can.

Any exercise that focuses on using the arms, chest, and shoulders are perfect for developing your upper body. Experiment on more chest and pectoral exercises after you’ve tried the exercises above.

Precautions and Tips

Doing the exercises enumerated above is only part of the activity. Below are some precautions and tips you should know before performing anything:

  • Do a proper warm up before starting the exercise. You know that your body is ready for the exercise if your heart is already beating a bit faster than the normal.
  • Do not pressure yourself into doing more repetitions or more difficult exercises. Do only what you can do during the first sessions because over exercising might only lead to injuries.
  • Put some pressure on the abdomen by keeping it tight while exercising.
  • Breathe out when you push anything away from your body and breathe in when you move anything nearer your body. Proper breathing is very important for the safety and effectiveness of any exercises.

Besides developing a more beautiful body, doing the chest and pectoral exercises also give you a healthier body. But don’t make these exercises end up into a nightmare. Keep safety on top of your priority when exercising.


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