How To Do Core and Abs Workouts on the Bowflex Revolution

Bowflex Revolution home gym will effectively enhance your strength. Besides cardio exercises, you can boost your other muscle groups including your lower and upper body. There are three various methods where you can perform core and abdominal workouts through the Bowflex Revolution; they are the trunk rotation, the resisted ab crunch, and the ab crunch. Below are steps and guides on how to do core and abs workouts on the Bowflex Revolution.

The Trunk Rotation

  • Stand beside your Bowflex Revolution. Move the arm of your Bowflex revolution so you can comfortably position yourself. Hold the resistance.
  • Pull the Bowflex Revolution resistance in horizontal plane. Twist your trunk. Put stress and move the lower extremities of your body.
  • Raise your arm to the first position. Perform diagonal rotation on your next repetition sets. This workout will benefit various portions of your ab muscles.
  • Move on the bench’s other side. Repeat steps 2-3 from another angle.

The Resisted Ab Crunch

  • Incline your Bowflex Revolution. Take hold of the resistance and curl yourself in.
  • Collapse your fists and forearms against your shoulders and ribs. Don’t work on your arm muscles while you are doing this core and abdominal workout.
  • Tighten your ab muscles. You must pull your torso upwards and towards your pelvis just by using your ab muscles. Don’t forget that you’ll be doing a crunch and not a full sit-up. Don’t pull too much. Your lower back must not rise above the bench.
  • Sustain tension as you bring your torso back to bench. Repeat the exercise as you can. Begin gradually and try to increase your repetitions in your every exercise session as you progress.

The Abdominal Crunch

  • Find a position that you are comfortable with in your Bowflex Revolution. Position your shoulders and head comfortably at the leg extension end so your workout is a little bit easier.
  • Cross your hands over your torso as you begin. If your neck and head gets tired, put your hands under your head for support.
  • Taut your stomach. Use tension to contract your stomach. Pull torso upwards and toward your pelvis. Crunch your pelvis area onto your ribs while you’re pulling up.
  • Focus as you lower your torso gradually. It will help you add resistance. Repeat the exercise as your can. Do it gradually and try to increase your repetition sets as you progress.

There is a DVD workout video and an instructional manual that comes along with the package. A person who wants to use the Bowflex Revolution must not exceed 300 lbs or 136 kg.

Decide on your health and fitness goals before purchasing a Bowflex Revolution. Visit certified stores that sell the Bowflex Revolution so you can try and have the feel of the home gym physical equipment. Discuss your plans to your physician before buying. Also, live a healthier lifestyle for well-rounded health.


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