How To Do Hyper Extension Knee Exercises

Engaging in sports is surely enjoyable. But the adrenaline rush could lead to injury. Many sports superstar hopefuls never fulfilled their dreams because of irreversible injuries. Among the common sport-related injuries is the hyper extension of the knees. This happens when the kneecaps receive too much pressure than what they can handle. Swelling, bruising, pain, and difficulty in walking are some signs of a hyper extended knee.
Fortunately, if physical movement causes hyper extended knees, physical movements through exercises can also treat the injured knees. Below are some exercises used for treating hyper extended knees:

Basic Hyperextension Knee Exercise

This exercise improves the lower back, which helps in treating the alignment of the affected bones.

  • Lie on your stomach. Have an exercise mat for comforting therapy. Place your hands in front of you with your right hand over your left hand. Rest your chin on your hands. The rest of your body should be straight and relaxed.
  • Inhale as you lift your hands up with your chin still over them. Feel how it is stretching your lower back. Hold on to that position for about three seconds. Exhale as you slowly lower your hands and chin. Hold it for about three seconds.

Repeat the exercise for about 12 to 15 times. The number of repetitions is enough to strengthen your lower back.

Standing Exercise

This is usually done to end a set of physical therapies for hyper extended knees.

  • Stand on your feet. Your feet should be width apart. Rest your arms down beside you.
  • Lift up all your toes. As you now stand on your heel hold on to that for about three seconds. Slowly lower your toes and hold that for about three seconds.
  • Lower your body down by bending your knees a little. Keep your thigh muscles firm as you do this. Hold on to this position for three seconds.

Repeat the exercise for about five times.

Leg Extension

This is one of the traditional exercises for treating hyper extended knees.

  • Sit on a sturdy chair with your straight back. Keep your back straight while resting on the chair’s back. Rest your feet flat on the floor.
  • Lift one foot up about five inches from the floor. Slowly extend and straighten this leg but keep it bent a bit. Pause and count to three. Slowly bend your leg and then rest your foot on the floor. Repeat this step now with the other foot.

This exercise can be done with 20 repetitions as long as you take it slowly.

Reminders Before Doing Hyper Extension Knee Exercise

Do not attempt to do any of the above exercises without consulting your doctor first. You still need to undergo the first stage of your recovery. The duration of this exercise depends on how aggravated your knee is. It is best that you follow your doctor’s advice or you might just make your injury worse.
Applying ice on the knee during the recovery period alleviates swelling. Protect your knee from getting worse by wearing a knee brace.
Just be patient with your condition. You can recover sooner if you follow your doctor’s pieces of advice. Although exercising helps, doing it too early or overdoing it might only result to worsened condition.


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