How To Do Metabolism-Boosting Exercises to Gain Muscle

It is a given fact that the higher your metabolism goes, the more likely you can gain muscle. Metabolism is the rate of how fast or slow your body builds up energy and do physical activities like simply moving around. If you are trying to increase your body’s muscles, your metabolism should be fast enough to convert the energy in your body to develop muscle mass. If your metabolism slows down, you would be too tired to move and slowing down movements decreases fat burning and muscle gaining. What should you do to boost your metabolism the safest and most natural way? Do it with proper exercises!

  • Work on dead lifts. Lifting weights is a good way to give your metabolism the boost it needs because this basically involves almost every area in your body. Always remember to do dead lifts properly. What you should do is place a barbell on the floor with you facing it. Keep your back straight while you fold your legs down with your arms extended to pick the barbell up. Once you pick it up, stand up but not all the way up! Never lock you knees but stand up partially while keeping your arms stretched out. Just remember that your back might suffer some problems if you do this incorrectly. You should consult a professional trainer to correct your back position when lifting dead weights.
  • Treadmill exercises are the way to go. Treadmill exercises give your metabolism a lot of boost because they condition your body to receive more resistance exercises. Do a slow walk on the treadmill first to warm up your body. Once you are getting a good momentum, increase your speed a notch higher working up all the way to a good run. Do this progressively within 30 minutes only. When you’re almost done (about 5 minutes before completing the 30 minute set), slow down the treadmill before coming to a complete stop. Never stop abruptly.
  • Do your push-ups. Another way to boost your metabolism would be to do push-ups – military style! Not really the vigorous training the military does but training yourself to do push-ups at least thrice a week. Push-ups are great to tone your arms as well. Push-ups are hard to do if you haven’t done them before so start slowly and don’t get overwhelmed. Do at least 5 to 10 push-ups for a day first.
  • Engage in aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises kick up your metabolism with their light movements and stretching. The best time to do aerobic exercises would be in the morning. This will keep your metabolism going strong for the rest of the day.
  • Do more resistance exercises. Resistance exercises can make your body contract and increase muscles. Concentrate on different areas of your body like squatting can work on your lower body’s muscle gain. Stomach leg lifts concentrate on your back muscles while crunches do it well for your abdominal muscles.

Boosting your metabolism doesn’t work on doing exercises alone, you should pair it up with a good balanced diet and never skip breakfast. Drink up on plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Remember that to keep doing these metabolism boosting exercises, you have to keep your body healthy.


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