How To Do Mini Trampoline Exercises

Get healthy and workout your joints through trampoline rebounding. Mini trampoline exercises are better than jumping rope or jogging on concrete. Get yourself a portable mini trampoline because you can bring it anywhere. Working out through a mini trampoline is fun because you can watch your favorite TV shows or have fun with your family in your backward while keeping yourself fit. Make innovative exercises in your mini trampoline to attain good body tone and experience good cardio workout. Below are instructions and tips on how to do mini trampoline exercises.

  • Bounce your feet lightly in the center of your mini trampoline. The first goal is for you to become comfortable on your mini trampoline. Your feet must be slightly apart and your feet must not leave the mat as you bounce gradually. Put your hands on your hips and continuously jump until you feel cozy.
  • Bounce higher after warming up. Now, bounce until both of your feet lift off from the mat. Make alternate jumps between low and high bounces. This is an enjoyable exercise; you can shout and have fun with your family while getting yourself fit.

Here are a some mini trampoline exercises:

  • Knee Raises.  This is like jogging, but you need to lift your knees as high as you can. Touch your knees with your opposing hand every time it goes up. Use your opposing elbow to touch your knees for a much intense exercise. Get yourself into a rhythm.
  • Cross County Skiing. Use a back and forth jump motion in your mini trampoline. Point your toes forward and slightly lift your foot when jumping. Make an arm swinging motion. Ensure that the swinging of your arm is in sync with its opposing leg. Get yourself into a rhythm.
  • Bicycle Crunch. Support the back of your head as you lie on your back. Your elbows must be pointed sideways. Bend your knees and hips at right angles. Your feet must be off the floor. While you are bending your right knee, ensure that your left knee is in a straight position. Lift your upper body then turn it using your abdominal muscles so your left elbow can reach your right knee (do not cheat by bending your shoulder). Repeat the process using your other elbow and knee to make a bicycle pedaling motion alongside body rotation.
  • Jumping Jacks (Star Jumps). This is a classic workout. Stand with your feet together with your arms at sides. Jump with your feet apart, then lift your arms sideways over your head while you’re on the air. Repeat the exercise until you want, just be certain that your feet will land on the middle of the trampoline to avoid accidents. Certainly, almost everyone in your family will love this exercise.
  • Sprinting. This is easy to execute on your mini trampoline. Pump your arms and legs as speedy as you can. Play and innovate on this exercise by running on the ground then jump and run on the trampoline, then run on the ground again. For fun, you can add star jumps or any variations while doing this.

Don’t forget to warm up before you do the actual exercises so you can avoid muscle and joint injuries. Use 10 to 20 repetitions on an exercise before you try another. Rest after your workout and don’t forget to consult your doctor before engaging yourself in an exercise scheme.


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