How To Do Nothing

Doing nothing might be a lot harder than it sounds. If you decide that you need a day of doing nothing, you may have difficulty taking a break from your busy life. It is possible to do nothing if you want, just follow these steps.

  1. Toss the to-do list. Remove any reminders of your busy life so you won't feel tempted or guilty. If you feel guilty about taking the time to do nothing then you cannot enjoy it.
  2. Stock provisions. While eating is doing something you should still plan to stock up on snacks and beverages in case you need them. You don't want to have to get in the car and head to the store because you need a snack when you are trying to do nothing.
  3. Turn off entertainment. Disconnect yourself from all electronics including your television, stereo, iPod and video games. Doing nothing is not about playing games or just taking the day off; it's about doing nothing.
  4. Remove all other distractions. If you are a novice lay-about then don't try to get lazy with a pal. You aren't ready to have someone else around when learning to do nothing. Get rid of your friends and family and find a private space to do nothing. Remove any other distraction including your cell phone, book, crossword puzzle, sudoku book or any other distraction that might tempt you to do something.
  5. Start small. If you aren't used to doing nothing don't plan to take an entire day off. Instead you need to start small. Get away from your busy life in stages. Start with just five minutes of doing nothing then work up to several hours of doing nothing.
  6. Get comfortable. You cannot do nothing while standing, walking or perching on a stiff backed chair. Instead you need to get comfortable. Choose your favorite sofa, recliner or chaise lounge. Recline and then get ready to hang out. Relax into your comfortable seating.
  7. Breathe and clear your mind. Sit quietly and clear your mind. This step may take several practice sessions to get right. When you clear your mind you might notice ideas and thoughts just pop into your head. Banish them by picturing a blank, white screen. Whenever a thought appears, remember the white screen and concentrate on that image until your mind is clear.

Doing nothing takes some preparation and effort. If you start out doing nothing for just a few minutes you can work up to several hours or even an entire day without feeling guilt or regret about taking the time to do nothing for your own well being.


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