How To Do Reverse Kegel Exercises

This is an exercise mainly dedicated for men. It promises to increase erections and penile control. The reverse Kegel is a great exercise for men that have problems with sexual endurance, particularly with regards to premature ejaculation. This being said, if your partner is at time frustrated with the fact that you get off before she does, then you may want to consider doing these exercises regularly in order to improve your endurance and provide the sexual satisfaction she deserves. Blowing your load too early is really something you should work on. Here are some tips on how to do the reverse Kegel to turbo boost your experience in the bedroom.

  • Start with a place of practice. Since this exercise is sensitive in nature and quite awkward, you will first want to select an area that is enclosed, secure, and private. You will want to do the exercises without distractions as well so going with a serene place is highly recommended. Remember that relaxation is key here so make sure you are not too stressed out by the environment as well. The fewer elements distracting you, the better.
  • Start contracting. It may seem funny to you but the exercise is done by contracting the muscles found in your penis. Yes, it has muscles and you need to be able to contract and control it. What you want to do is to focus primarily at the base of your penis. The muscle found here is what you will want to contract as your pelvis is completely relaxed. You will know when you are able to feel the muscles when you feel your penis being pushed up. The muscles found in your buttocks will contract as well but do make sure your pelvis is relaxed when you do this.
  • Don’t neglect breathing. Breathing is critical as you do this exercise. You will want to inhale as you contract and hold your breath while your muscles are contracted. As you release the contraction, you will want to exhale. Deep breathing is another key factor here so make sure you consciously make an effort to breathe.
  • Contract and release. To properly perform the exercises, you will want to know how to do it in terms of repetitions and the holding and release of the contractions. With regard to repetitions, you will want to start with a set of 10 reps. As you progress up the ante by adding more reps to each set. With regards to the holding and releasing of the contractions, you will want to contract the muscles and hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds then release. When you release, your entire pelvic area including your buttocks and penis should be relaxed. This will simulate erecting your penis and then relaxing it while in intercourse. This will help you fend off the urge to explode while maintaining the hard erection your partner will always look for.

It will help your efforts during the exercise to find an image or watch a film that will help you keep your penis erected. This will simulate to some extent the urges you will be feeling during sex, which will help you figure out how you are doing during the exercise. If the erection stands during your relaxation period, then you are doing well.


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