How To Do Triceps Extension Exercises For Seniors

People of mature age need to stay active and physically fit in order to keep their bodies in prime condition. Extending one’s energy and vigor is not about finding a miracle cure anymore. It’s a matter of simply keeping a healthy lifestyle, and this primarily involves undertaking the proper fitness regimen. If you’re a senior, do remember that it’s a matter of combining cardio exercises with strength and endurance training. Of course, it’s important that you consult with a doctor first, but once you get the go-signal, one of the best exercise routines you can do are tricep extension exercises. The triceps is the large muscle along the back of the upper arm. Here’s what you can do to exercise this area: 

  1. Find a comfortable chair that’s just right for your size, meaning, it fully supports your straight back, and your kneecaps are right against the edge of the seat. You should also be able to keep your feet flat against the floor.
  2. Procure one dumbbell, a very light one that you feel comfortable with. You don’t want to overstrain your muscles. Remember that it’s best to start with light weights first and perform several repetitions with them. Then gradually level up to heavier and heavier weights.
  3. With the right hand holding the dumbbell, position your right elbow next to your head, with your upper arm parallel to your head. Your arm should be forming a kind of an L shape at this point, with your forearm (the part of the arm from the elbow to the wrist) extending to the rear of your head. Use your left hand to support the right elbow.
  4. Lower your right forearm and then lift, but be careful not to overextend it. You may extend your forearm about 20 degrees short of raising it to a straight line.  It is important that you keep the forearm straight at all times. Use your elbow as a fulcrum.


All throughout this routine remember to keep your back flexed, your abdominals tight, your elbows locked and your shoulders level. Keep in mind that you are working your triceps, so derive the momentum from there and not from any other part of your body. Definitely avoid rocking or jerking your body, or flailing your elbows around, at any point in this routine.

  1. Repeat the whole process of lifting and lowering the dumbbell with your right arm, for 3 sets of 15 repetitions each (recommended). Take about 3 seconds to lift your arm, and another 3 seconds to lower it.
  2. After the set, do the same procedure with your left arm.
  3. Remember to breathe properly and avoid holding your breath. Inhale while you’re lowering the dumbbell and exhale during the lift.

The key to this routine is not speed but control. Focus on your form for each repetition; see if your posture is correct, if you’re placing the stress and movement on the correct muscle area, and if you’re breathing properly. Always remember that with almost everything, practice makes perfect and the benefits come with time. Have fun!


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