How To Drink Cranberry Juice to Treat Bladder Stones

If you’ve ever gone spelunking or visiting a cave, you probably have already seen the beautiful crystal or mineral rock formations that glitter when you shine a light on them. They do look beautiful and awesome. Now, imagine having such crystal formations inside your bladder. That would not be awesome. It would be painful and difficult. Bladder stones are similar to those crystals you see in caves. They are minerals that have crystallized or solidified in your body. Your urine has a lot of such minerals, though you don’t normally see them when you urinate because those minerals are dissolved.

When your bladder stores high concentrations of dissolved minerals, crystals can form—bladder stones. Smaller sizes of such crystals can sometimes dissolve on their own (especially by simply increasing your water intake) and then leave your body without causing much damage. However, buildups can be of such huge size that they can hardly pass through the exit tubes. The longer such stones remain in your body, the more dangerous they become and the more painful they can be. They need to be treated, or else they can cause complications such as urinary tract infections. In this article, you will learn how to treat bladder stones by drinking cranberry juice.

Pay your doctor a visit. Before resorting to self-medication or self-treatment, first know more about what’s ailing you. For all you care, what you suspected to be bladder stones may actually not be bladder stones. Go to your doctor so she or he can diagnose you. Your doctor will let you undergo several laboratory tests such as a rectal exam, urine analysis, and x-ray.

Heed your doctor’s prescriptions. The lab results will help your doctor pinpoint what really is going on. Based on the diagnosis, your doctor will most likely prescribe medication. Buy the medicine and ask about any side effects or allergic reactions for medicine that you have never tried before. Ask your doctor also about possible food restrictions or food recommendations that you can consider during your treatment.

Drink cranberry juice. Assuming that you do have bladder stones, you can assist the medication that your doctor prescribed. You have to know, though, that cranberry juice is not the most effective cure. It can help in treating bladder stones, though, especially if the bladder stones have been causing you urinary tract infection. However, experts advise that you do not drink cranberry juice (or cranberry tablets) if you or your family has a history of kidney stones. You wouldn’t want the stones in your bladder to melt while stones begin to form in another body organ.

Drink a lot of water. Always remember the golden rule of hydration: at least 8 glasses of water a day. Make sure about 8 ounces of cranberry juice is part of your total liquid intake for each day. Also try not to hold your bladder for long periods; urinate when your bladder is full and each time you do, make sure you completely empty your bladder to avoid stagnant urine that can form bladder stones.
With the help of professional medical advice, good hygiene and dietary habits, and cranberry juice, you can easily treat those pesky bladder stones that have been causing you pain.


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