How To Ease a Cough

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There are a few tricks to help ease a cough and make your throat feel better. Some work to help your cough during the day, others at night. Coughing is your body’s way to remove mucus from the body. It can also be from excess irritation of the throat. Which one of these cough easers will work for you?

  • Drink some water. It may seem strange, but one of the best ways to ease a cough is to drink water and keep yourself hydrated. Water based beverages are better than coffee or sodas for this. In fact, soda and coffee can hinder hydration and make a cough worse. The fluid will help loosen mucus and thin it down, making your cough ease a bit. Also, if you have a fever with your cough, this can help put back those lost fluids.
  • Install a humidifier. The extra water in the air and moisture can make your nose and throat wetter and not dry them out. This will cut down on irritation and will ease your cough by reducing that friction of dry air coming in contact with your throat. This is especially important at night for those that breathe through their mouths. Keep the humidifier clean, as bacteria and algae can directly get into the body if the humidifier is not kept in good condition.
  • Have some honey. This is similar to the hydration issue, but honey will keep the throat from getting dry and irritated. Honey is a natural lubricant and soother. It works in two ways by making your throat slick and mucus able to move freely, and it will sooth your throat from any irritation that it may have. It will ease a cough by getting a soothing feeling to your throat.
  • If you are coughing mostly at night, put more pillows under your head and turn on the humidifier. The humidifier will keep the airways of your nose and throat from drying out, and the pillows will reduce the influx of stomach acid from irritating the throat. Try not to eat close to going to bed, and see if your cough will lessen.

Of course there are several OTC (over the counter) remedies on the market today. Check their ingredients and see what they are all about. Most will need an expectorant (to remove mucus) and a cough suppressant to keep the irritation down. Those with honey or other natural soothing remedies may be best.


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