How To Ease Headaches with Seated Massage Therapy

Suffering from a headache

Headaches are common to those who are stressed and burned out at work, or those always beating a deadline. When this happens, there are two possibilities. First is when you just wait for it to pass and second is when you take medication or pain relievers. Pain relievers come into the picture when the pain becomes unbearable. There are other remedies you may try to ease those headaches. One is through a seated massage. Below is how. 

Take the position. The first thing you need to do is to position yourself for the massage. Take a sit in a chair where you could comfortably bury your face in a cushion or pillow. Be sure that you are seated comfortably with your back available or exposed to the one making the massage.  

Locate the knots on the muscle. Once you are in a comfortable position, locate the knots on the muscles. Knots are small ball-like masses in a muscle. They are considered the cause of the headache, and should thus be removed. Start at the top of the shoulder, massage the muscles and feel the knots on those muscles. Once you find them, you are halfway through in easing that headache.

Massage the muscles on the shoulder particularly the knots, all in circular motion. Remember that these knots are causing the headaches. So for you to eliminate, or at least ease the headaches, you will have to eliminate these knots as well. Do this by carefully massaging the knots, applying pressure in circular motion. At this point, you will feel that the knots are slowly reduced in size. Continue massaging and exerting pressure to completely eliminate those knots. A general massage on the shoulders is also advisable to ease headache. Be sure the person having headache is seated in an upright position when you are doing this.

Massage the back of the head with little pressure in circular motion. After massaging the shoulders, massage the back of the head, particularly the muscle area. A hint in finding the muscle area is to locate the base of his hair. Massage that portion by applying pressure in circular motion, the same with the way you massaged the shoulders. 

Massage the back neck. After massaging the muscle area at the hairline, time now to gently massage the back neck, the bones vertebrae. This is the spine part, so be careful in doing the massage. Be sure to just apply the right pressure. Through the soft ends of your fingers, massage it in a rubbing and circular motion applying just enough pressure. Move your fingers up and down the bony area. You may also go lower, at the spine part at the back of the person you are massaging,

Stop bearing those headaches. There are simple and relaxing massages available for you. Even you may do the seated massage for yourself. But of course having somebody to do it for you would be best.


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