How To Eat a Healthy Raw Fruit Diet

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The raw fruit diet includes uncooked fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods. Some who eat a raw fruit diet eat all uncooked foods, while others incorporate some cooked foods.
A raw food diet is said to be healthier because enzymes present in uncooked foods strengthen the immune system and assist in food digestion and absorption. Once food is heated during the cooking process, the enzymes are lost.

Those who eat a raw fruit diet usually become very aware of how their body responds to different foods. After being on a completely raw diet for several weeks, a cooked meal can make you feel heavy and tired. Raw foods, on the other hand, are energizing. The energy found in raw foods is easier for the body to process.

Raw food diets usually consist of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, water, and other unprocessed foods. To eat these foods, blending, chopping, soaking, and dehydrating are allowed. Other cooking methods, like baking, process the food too much and increase the food’s temperature to the point at which enzymes are lost. If you plan to eat a healthy raw fruit diet, invest in a dehydrator, juicer, blender, food processor, or chopper so that you can vary your diet.

If you have decided to eat a raw fruit diet, be sure to research your nutritional needs and the nutritional content of the various foods you can eat. Then plan a healthy menu incorporating all of the nutritional elements you need. Do not eat just a few types of fruit, or your meals will be unbalanced. You need the nutrients from a wide variety of raw foods. Many on the raw diet take a multivitamin to supplement these nutrients, although it if you plan your meals well, it may not be absolutely necessary.

Make your transition to a raw fruit diet slowly to give your body and mind time to adjust. You may find yourself craving cooked foods often during this transitional stage. Many who eat only raw foods crave baked goods or dairy. Do not worry if you give into these cravings a few times as you are adjusting to a raw fruit diet. There are two ways to transition into a raw diet. You can begin by eating raw foods for breakfast, and then for breakfast and lunch, before eating raw foods all day long. You can also start be going vegetarian, and then vegan, and then finally to a raw fruit diet.


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