How To Eat More Vitamin E

Vitamin E promotes fat-soluble antioxidants within the body as well as providing fundamental uses within the immune system, disease prevention and anti-inflammatory process.  Ensuring that the correct amount of vitamin E is currently within your diet is very important toward ensuring you a long healthy life.

By simply eating more vitamin E, you can help decrease the chances of life threatening disease.  Vitamin E increases immunity within the body and protects cells from natural and damaging changes.  Several types of food which contain Vitamin E are certain nuts, oils, fruit and vegetables.  To ensure more vitamin E intake within your diet, include foods like oats, wheat, sardines, egg yolk, sunflower seeds, dry roasted almonds, peanuts, hazel nuts and organic peanut butter as well as spinach broccoli and other green leafy vegetables.  Cooking oils which can aid you to eat more vitamin E are soy bean, sunflower, Safflower and wheat germ. A nice kiwi fruit or a ripe mango as a snack or part of a meal will also give your body a small dose of vitamin E content.

Drinks can also provide more vitamin E within your diet, as an alternative to digesting more calories than the suggested daily intake, if you have forgotten to eat more vitamin E within your meals.   Special water which may contain few calories can have added vitamins including vitamin E.  Try fresh carrot juice or a lively shot of spinach juice.  It is always best to choose the healthier options when creating a perfect vitamin dietary plan, helping to reduce the added intake of excess sugars, calories, fats and possible harmful chemicals.  Other drinks which can provide you with more vitamin E can be powdered milk, energy drinks and fruit juices.

An alternative to introducing additional portions into your eating habits, vitamin E can be added naturally to any meal.  If you're going to make mash potatoes you would add your vitamin E by adding an egg yolk to the potatoes mixture.  When making a Bolognese sauce you could add 3 or 4 spinach leaves into the pot, it won't change the flavor and the spinach will mostly separate into tiny pieces during the stirring of the sauce.


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