How To Eliminate Night Twitches

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Night twitches are one of the most bothersome sleep disorders. Twitching can be bothersome not only to the one experiencing the twitches but also to the person they are sharing the bed with.  While most people find comfort in the obvious solution of just sleeping in separate beds, there are still ways out of the problem.  These solutions may vary some even being way over the top and placebo to those that may have scientific explanations. Yet, it is best to discover the cause of this disorder before you find possible solutions to solve the problem.

Night twitches happen when muscles contract then suddenly release involuntarily.  It may be a result of fatigue and stress. Medications taken to treat other diseases may also cause night twitches.  Even caffeine may cause this, since a tense nervous system usually results in night twitches. 

The brain unloads impulses during sleep.  The brain of a tired person who goes to sleep unloads more impulses that it makes the muscles twitch and jerk.   Before sleeping, its best to engage in a relaxing activity so the brain can unload some of the excess impulses while you are still awake.  A relaxing bath with aromatic oil may help the body relax a bit. Lavender is one aromatic herb that helps give a relaxing sleep. Listening to soft music can condition the brain to rest and makes it more

Warm milk or chamomile tea is a good alternative since they both help relieve stress.  Applying a warm compress for 10 to 15 minutes to tired muscles before hitting the sack is also recommended. If the leg muscles were used in strenuous activity
during the day, massages and stretches and raising them up on a stool or a pillow is helpful to prevent cramps.

Mineral deficiency is also seen as one of the causes of night twitches.  A shortage in the supply of magnesium, calcium, and potassium causes muscles to cramp and contract.  Taking in mineral supplements should do the trick as well as eating foods rich in these minerals.  Eating food rich in calcium or drinking calcium supplements also help in preventing muscle cramps because this mineral serves its role in muscle growth and contraction. 

The B Vitamins can help resolve the problems with the nervous system.  It should be noted, though, that Vitamin B12 is better taken in the sublingual form than the pill form as the intestinal tract does not fully absorb it. Taking in vitamins and mineral supplements should be simultaneous to drinking lots of water to avoid possible concentration in the vital organs.  Excess calcium may cause kidney stones.

Night twitches may be just one of the symptoms of a more complicated nervous system disorder.  If this is the case, cure can only be brought about through seeking the help of a medical doctor.  Such nervous system disorders may include Parkinson's disease or Huntington's chorea. Try to learn more about these diseases and their symptoms.


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