How To Enhance Your Penis Girth

Penis length is usually the metric that men watch out for when comparing sizes, but girth is also an important measurement, as it is said to make a man a better lover. While a lot of women swear by the fact that they don't really care about penis sizes, there's a great number of men who seem to always second guess how they measure up relative to other guys. While it's easy to just throw your hands up in the air and just be happy with what hand life has dealt you, some guys are just not going to take things sitting down.

The girth of the penis is actually determined by the pair of cavernous tissue that runs along the length of the organ. As a man gets an erection, blood rushes in to the cavernous tissue causing it to get engorged and filled. The capacity of the tissue is the limiting factor as to how much a person's maximum penis girth should be. 

Guides for measuring one's penis are all over the Internet and you can bet that a lot of men have already tried them out to see if their latest technique or supplement has made them achieve the supposed promised results. Penis measurements are quite a sensitive subject for a lot of men. That is why the issue of averages and normality has never been established so as to not offend those who may fall under a certain threshold.

The penile enhancement industry is quite a competitive business. Many health and herbal supplements try to win over clients with many videos, testimonials and seemingly scientific claims that could bolster their credibility. Sadly, to this day, only surgical methods have been medically proven to enhance penis girth. While some supplements and techniques have been said to produce great results, none of them have subjected themselves to the randomized control trial which is the real acid test of all medical claims.

Before you get immersed with all the creams, pumps and pills that could improve your penis girth, you might want to learn how your penis should be measured. Grab a measuring tape for this purpose, and make sure that it's yours. Do it in a private and locked room - you never know what may happen next. It's always better to play it safe rather than be stuck in a potentially embarrassing situation.

  1. While your penis is still flaccid, wrap the tape around the base of your penis. Do the same for the middle of the shaft and the area below the glans or the head. Take note of these measurements.
  2. Stimulate your penis until you get a full erection.  Do the same steps that you did to measure the girth. Take note of the girth at the base, middle and top most part of your penis. These measurements may vary as most penis either taper or widen at certain spots.
  3. If you're using a product that is supposed to improve your penile girth, repeat the measuring process regularly. If you see results, try to see if you can sustain the same measurements. The obvious limiting factor of this technique is that intensity of the erections cannot be kept constant throughout all the measurements.

Keep in mind that it is best to consult your doctor before doing anything to enhance your penile girth. Some drugs or activities may actually have more serious medical repercussions.


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