How To Enroll Your Kids in a Summer Fitness Camp

It is becoming a popular trend to send overweight children to summer fitness or weight loss camps, as this will very much help them in balancing their weight as well as in making new friends. Losing a few pounds over summer will help bring back your kids’ self-confidence and self-esteem as well as avoid any further health risks that may occur or happen when your child gets older. 

When choosing a camp, keep these thoughts into mind:

  1. Check out the camp site and get an itinerary of their activities.
  2. Consider your child’s liking and his needs. If he likes swimming, do not put him in a camp for track and field.
  3. Find out if the camp has on-site trainers and medical personnel nearby. Check also their training and credibility.
  4. Consider the costs. Fitness camp costs are relatively higher than other camps because of the programs and the activities your child does in camp. But think of these costs instead as an investment.
  5. Observe how the camp goes on actual camping days so that you and your child will get a feel of the camp that’s right for him.

Prevention is better than cure, always remember that. If you can prevent high blood pressure and diabetes at an early age, you will not have to think of maintenance medications and insulin for your kids at such an early age. 

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Camp Wilderness in Remus, Michigan, usually holds their camp in July, during the second weekend. It is a three-day summer-type camp weekend that encourages kids with educational classes, swimming, canoeing, volleyball, and campfires. This is for kids ages 10-14 years old, with a maximum of 45 kids per cabin.
  2. Sports camps are cheaper. Aside from the whole losing weight idea, they also learn a new sport.
  3. Fitness parks can benefit both you and your child. Active fun and play is encouraged as aerobic activities and exercise options are available for you. These also have junior indoor pools if your child wants to enjoy and experience swimming. There are also indoor courts. And, there is free child care. You can bring your little tots in there so they play while your teen is exercising and you are doing Pilates.
  4. There are also one-day fitness days held at senior centers, hospitals, health clubs, parks, and recreational districts among others. They give out health information as well as health screenings, which are usually free. There are also walking events and even exercise demonstrations.
  5. Fitness spas such as the Spa Fitness Center have activities such as Tae Bo and swimming. You can check out their site at, click on the image to see their schedules as well as their other programs that will be right for you.

Before sending your child for any physical activities, always consult your child’s physician or yours first.


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