How To Exercise in Your Bathtub

Exercise, Detoxify, Invigorate and Relieve Stress in the Bathtub in Twenty Minutes

We live in a fast pace society, finding it hard to take care of our body. I began doing these 20 minute exercises in the bathtub to relieve stress, detoxify, exercise and invigorate my body.

  1. Purchase a bath mat. If you do not have a nonskid, self-adhesive bath mat then please purchase one for safety. For cost effectiveness, purchase one through the Internet. Type nonskid, self-adhesive bath mat in your computer. You should find a variety of mats that will fit your needs.
  2. Fill your tub or jacuzzi half full with water to the temperature that you desire. Make sure you get steam in the bathroom to sweat out those toxins in your body.
  3. Splash the body with water. Begin with neck exercises to loosen that tension in the neck area. Move your neck forward, then backwards, to the right and then to the left. Do this five times. Now we are ready to go into a neck roll by moving the neck forward, to the right, backwards and then to the left. Do this five times.
  4. Take your right arm and lift it above your head as far as you can. Hold it for a count of ten. Do the same with the left arm. This is a good stretching exercise.
  5. Put both hands on your hips and twist from side to side to help trim that waist. Do this ten times.
  6. Do knee bends as close to the chest as you can. Start with the right leg and then move to the left leg as if you are riding a bicycle. Do this ten times.
  7. Put your hands behind your back and press them on the bathtub mat for support. Lean backwards. Stretch you legs out as wide as you can. Bring them back together and cross them at the center. Do this ten times. This is good for those abs. Now, you may bathe.

Caution: If you have a handicap, please have assistance while doing this.

Congratulations, you have spent 20 minutes exercising, invigorating and detoxifying your body. Oh, what a great feeling! Please give me feedback as to how it worked for you.

Sherrel Hendrix

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